Workforce Safety

A safety companion for field workers.

Set your team up to be safety ambassadors with a collaborative and standardised approach to safe work.

Ensure safety checks are completed as prerequisites before work starts.

Report and manage safety via in-app workflows and get real-time alerts to hazards and incidents.

Schedule safety inspections, build custom safety documents and workflows, capture photos, and receive daily safety reminders.

Obzervr has revolutionised infield job safety management.
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Incident reporting and data collection made easy.

Our proven technology is used to capture incidents and workplace data to support risk transformation and education.  
Enjoy the benefits of automated reporting and instant access to data recorded in the field
Provide full audit history and promote a proactive response and awareness of the safety culture
Access photos, review safety notes, reduce hazards and get more done!
Obzervr helps you boost the productivity of your field force, satisfy compliance requirements, and gain a competitive edge through innovative technology

Create the safest work environment for your field team.
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Obzervr is revolutionising safety and environmental management.
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