Set your team up to be safety ambassadors with a collaborative and standardised approach to safe work.
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Identifying a risk can save a life

Obzervr unifies the recording of safety, hazard and incidents into a single job safety app so you can record critical information at source.

Alerts and notifications are triggered based on the escalations configured and information is sent back to central systems for management and closeout.

Job safety analysis, trends and reporting is available instantaneously.

Engaged people make safety their #1 priority

Obzervr is a smart, on-demand app to record digital safety assessments on the job. No more complacency with tick-and-flick paperwork or lost documentation. Simply log in to the app and complete the required safety and risk management prerequisites before starting the job.

Reduce the time you spend on compliance

Your work isn’t generic, so why should the workflow app you use be generic? Build your desired digital smart form with photos and commentary based on your specific selections. Users are prompted to record additional data based on their previous entries.

Safety doesn't work on paper

The task of keeping your people safe is littered with inefficient and mindless paper shuffling processes. With Obzervr, you can turn that paper trail into simple digital smart forms that produce real-time dashboards and reports.

Easy to use, faster to implement

Combine work execution and safety procedures into a single, seamless workflow using the Obzervr app.

You don’t need to train your field operators to use different apps, Obzervr covers every necessary step to ensure effective safety management for your Frontline teams.
  • Enable your field operators to capture their job safety assessments as part of their work execution.
  • Empower safety coordinators with data for safety performance management.
  • Report and manage your site safety KPI’s using automated dashboards and analytics.

Build proactive safety measures

Obzervr gives you everything you need for effective job safety management.

Create, measure and manage a job safety culture that focuses on risk mitigation and prevention.

Centralise your safety business processes and allow your organisation to focus on compliance and operational best practices rather than lost reports and paperwork.

Obzervr has revolutionised job safety management!

“Obzervr combines the power of an enterprise grade tool like SAP with the simplicity of a self-service tool like iAuditor. We were so excited to get started with creating our digital smart forms”
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Simplified Job Safety Management and Analysis

Our proven technology is used to capture safety and compliance documents to support risk transformation and education.

Obzervr helps you boost the productivity of your frontline teams, satisfy legal and compliance requirements, and gain a competitive edge through innovative technology

Create a single source of truth

Obzervr uses the latest API technologies to translate infield recorded safety, hazards and incidents back to your enterprise business systems.

Actions are centrally managed using your existing systems, while frontline teams enjoy access to digital records and historic information on the app to simplify recording of critical data at source.

Create a safer, simpler work environment for your frontline team

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