Advanced asset maintenance

Streamline Asset Maintenance, Reduce Costs and Enhance Operational Insight

Obzervr's platform empowers clients to Streamline Operations, Reducing Costs and Downtime. Gain clear visibility and control over your maintenance with our integrated solutions, from Supervisor Dashboards to CMMS system integration and real-time analytics. Say goodbye to Paper-Based Maintenance and embrace Operational Excellence.
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interconnected systems

Enterprise Integration that Works

Obzervr empowers clients with comprehensive data analytics derived from inspections and maintenance operations. Our advanced analytics tools extract actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making to optimize asset performance, resource allocation, and risk management strategies.
Standarised Work  

Boost Maintenance Delivery

Gain access to a fully offline mobile application designed for executing maintenance activities efficiently. Supervisors oversee operations via our dedicated portal, while frontline teams execute tasks using the mobile app. This integrated approach forms a powerful work management solution, significantly enhancing maintenance outcomes
embedded analytics

Consistent, Measurable outcomes

Obzervr enhances collaboration and decision-making through intuitive reporting tools. Customizable dashboards and real-time visualizations enable seamless communication of inspection findings, maintenance updates, and key performance indicators, fostering better coordination and improved overall performance across the organization.

Your Asset Maintenance Delivered Seamlessly On Our Platform

Obzervr is an industry-leading asset maintenance cloud platform and mobile application

Time Recording

Contractors and FTEs log time on each work order for enhanced planning and efficient invoice processing

Parts and Inventory

Record spare parts usage on work orders, sync with ERP / CMMS for real-time inventory management and control

Standardised Work

Enhance Maintenance Systems through Standardize Data Recorded by Frontline Teams: Safety Take-5's, Hazards, Time Sheets, Parts, Machine Downtime, Failure Modes. Instantly Access Asset Performance, Procedures, Maintenance History, Safety, and Reliability Information for Efficient Work Execution. Automate Routine Asset Maintenance Tasks, Freeing Up Time for Critical Business Priorities.  

Break-in Work

Record Follow-On work or Notifications at the source, capture photos and voice memos to enhance planning for defect correction without needing an internet connection.

Defect Management

Enhance Defect Tracking in your maintenance teams by efficiently conducting Failure Mode and Defects assessments without needing an internet connection.

Reduce Administration, Increase Tool Time and Availability

Manage by Exception

Work orders without faults can be automatically closed, streamlining the maintenance process, enabling teams to concentrate on areas requiring urgent intervention.

Improve Asset Uptime

Ensure 100% Work Management Completion, Capture Defects at Source, and Optimize Maintenance Strategies for Reduced Break-Fix and Enhanced Preventative Maintenance

Streamline Maintenance Planning

Consistently Record Measurement Point/Monitor Point Data, like Mileage or Run Hours, to Enhance Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Reducing Rework and Improving Maintenance Outcomes

Empower Your Frontline Team with a Comprehensive Digital Work Management Solution

Obzervr is an industry-leading asset maintenance cloud platform and mobile application that engages frontline technicians, supervisors and managers to deliver consistent, measurable outcomes.

Our platform enhances maintenance workflows for open cut and underground mining, manufacturing processes, bulk ports and rail network management, and various remote work scenarios on critical assets. Equip your team with essential job information on-demand, accessible via mobile tablet or phone, ensuring efficient and informed decision-making wherever they are. Discover how Obzervr streamlines maintenance operations, driving productivity and operational excellence across diverse industries.
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Enable Remote Reliability Engineering

Streamline Maintenance delivery through Obzervr by recoding standardised, quality work order data on our offline Mobile App. This enhances the reliability engineering function by centralising reading actuals recorded by the Frontline team, allowing comparison of equipment across site/sites, optimizing preventative maintenance activities, and enabling a shift to condition-based maintenance. Our digital platform translates your strategic maintenance plans into tangible actions, increasing investment returns. With our analytics, reliability engineers gain the flexibility to manage multiple sites remotely reducing overall quality and costs.

Optimize Your Maintenance Systems with Obzervr's Centralized Analytics

Designed for seamless maintenance management, our versatile dashboard system facilitates detailed tracking of asset health, defects, breakdowns, downtime, work order completion, and operational outcomes. With Obzervr you can empower your maintenance teams to create instant reports and alerts, utilizing advanced metrics from multiple data sources, ensuring a proactive approach to maintenance operations. Our platform specializes in enhancing asset and workforce effectiveness by providing critical insights into productivity and critical KPIs.

Boost Asset Health with Standardized Processes: Reduce Downtime and Failures. Standardizing maintenance and inspection procedures among teams and individuals minimizes unplanned downtime and equipment failures. Consistency enables cross-site and cross-machine comparison and learning

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Dynamic work planning and short interval control.

Obzervr provides detailed, up-to-date information on-field activity, assets, and people. optimise supervisor resource allocation with dynamic dashboard views for real-time adjustments. Uplift your short interval control for efficient work assignment, and reassignment where required in a rapidly changing environment. Stay up to date with work progress using easy to read, real-time graphical dashboards. save and customise views per team for easy access to information

Scalable Workflow Management Solutions Tailored for Teams of Any Size

Obzervr Cloud: Streamline Operations with Our Platform for Scheduling, Communication, and Seamless Data Integration. Empower Your Frontline Workforce to Control Outcomes with Advanced Technologies and Configurable Workflows
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Minimise your Risk by collecting and storing data in a systematic and standardised way

Standardised data allows data to be extracted, trended, or reported as required over the lifecycle of an asset and ensure compliance of your operation. Automation of processes and workflow ensures work is executed as planned and risk is minimised. Our user friendly graphical user interface engages frontline technicians, supervisors and managers to deliver to simplify their work, allowing them to delivery consistent, measurable outcomes.

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