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“Obzervr combines the power of an enterprise grade tool like SAP with the simplicity of a self-service tool like iAuditor. We were so excited to get started with creating our digital smart forms” - BlueScope Steel

Explore the features of the most advanced easy to use, off-the-shelf work management solution. Obzervr is a end-to-end platform for all your work execution needs.
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Easy to use, quick to implement

Our off-the-shelf product is implemented in less than 2 weeks. Teach your Planners and Supervisors to digitise their own inspections in a 2hr training session.

Integrate to your CMMS in less than 3 months with pre-built integration to Pronto, SAP S/4HANA and ECC6, and a suite of other ERPs.

Connect Obzervr to your Safety, Risk and OSI Pi systems and instantly gain better awareness and control over your operations.

For a better work design.

  • Discover an easier and more practical way to create and control forms, workflow configuration, and categorise data for better outcomes.
  • Build work instructions, safety audits, or PM tasks. Everything will be automatically linked into your CMMS for Work order management.

For dynamic work planning.

  • Transform the way work is planned, scheduled, and executed.
  • Supervisors will receive a schedule and plan from SAP directly to their mobile devices.
  • Frontline teams can plan and execute their work directly in a mobile environment, while supervisors can approve on the go.
  • With real-time rescheduling and deployment opportunities at hand, everyone onsite can instantly report on and send all captured data back to the data points, such as work quantities, material unavailability, breakdowns or hazards and events.

Easy work dispatch

  • It only takes a few clicks to allocate work to your team or let them choose their work from a set of planned work orders.
  • Eliminate the need for paperwork by efficiently communicating work assignments to your frontline maintainers and operators.
  • We provide you with a highly accurate view of where your team is and what they are working on, allowing you to re-adjust resources and tasks on the fly.
  • Respond instantly to maintenance events and re-allocate work on the go using our mobile app.

Get the information you need with a single click

All the necessary information for strong front-line operations is available at any time on any device:
Checklists, instructions, and work assignment details including parts and equipment required for the task.
The known allocation of time assigned to the task.
A skills matrix of persons assigned to the task against the skill sets required.

Allow your frontline workforce to:

Work in real-time and prepare for future activities by raising follow-on work requests whilst on the job. These additions are instantly registered for approval in the backend planning systems for immediate action. Organise your day in a new efficient way.

Exception management
made easy

  • Minimise the risk of skipped observations.
  • Alerts and exceptions are automatically captured, saving you the time, money, and effort of chasing down and compiling data after the fact.
  • Track, report and manage exceptions at the point of observation.
  • Attach supporting observation images and video from any device to deliver actionable insight.
  • Supervisors and managers are notified allowing for planning and corrective action as required.

Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible.

Create and edit new work requests, safety pre-starts, or break-in work directly from your device.

Work both online and offline, from the city to the most remote locations on earth.

Complete all the required checklists and work instructions, refer to PDF manuals, OEM’s, obligations, and procedures as you work.

Built for hands-on tradespeople, field service engineers, and other workers contributing to the success of frontline operations.

Review and approval with simplified workflows

Combine all your tasks and scheduled maintenance in one place.

View the status of any work, in real-time and review completed work before approval.

Enable simple workflows for complex management and approvals of statutory obligations.

Once complete, all actions are synchronised to your backend ERP system (such as SAP or Pronto) with a full audit trail, so you never have to log in to any other ERP to update your work status or time.

Risk-free audit and compliance

Enter data into the fields, sign off, and you're done. All data is collected in a PDF document. No more navigating in and out of files and systems to get all the necessary details to complete statutory documents.

Real-time visibility across your assets: Saving millions of dollars in downtime.

The thousands of sensors installed on machines provide data that can drive optimisation and reliability across any operation. But the manual methods of capturing data from assets and the current way captured data is stored and used are impractical.

Easily capture, organise and share work instructions

Harness the power of your ERP system to create real-time work instructions that are dynamic, reusable, and easy to access. Quickly capture context-rich checklists, instructions, and annotations directly from our design tools with no IT involvement. It's all about empowering you with better documentation, so you get just the information you need.

Access your data on the go with ease

Gain an immediate understanding of your operations and get a true insight into your frontline work compliance and performance.

Using a cloud-based app for your mining, rail or manufacturing operations, you will effortlessly track safety, compliance, spare parts, faults, failure modes and status of work completion in the field.

For data collection with a touch of style

In a software world that can seem overwhelming and intimidating, we make data collection simple and attractive for your non-technical staff. Gain access to a secure online platform so your team can record their work orders and capture every important aspect of frontline operations. Keeping everyone connected to the big picture with instant access to new information is our specialty.
Enter data & report issues
Upload asset details
Get incident updates
Access documents without being on another network

Take control.

Our fully customisable app allows you to review and update critical field device data in full stop after real-time, integrate with existing enterprise architecture, and add additional automation functionality to your PLC/SCADA front line data.

​​Designed for the needs of frontline teams.

Boost your workforce productivity, reduce errors, and streamline workflow across your operations. We've designed Obzervr to be the most intuitive, streamlined platform for frontline workers that reduces errors, captures information at the source, increases tool time, and streamlines processes.

Paperless work allocation: Making shift handovers easy!

Collaboration is a breeze. Assign jobs to your team and watch on as captured information is sent directly from their device to your dashboard. Store planned, completed, and in-progress work across your teams' dashboards for everyone to see. The next crew can continue the unfinished task easily as they'll have access to all the previous maintainers completed readings and photos on their tablet through the team work sharing function.

Saving our customers millions of dollars in operating costs

Instead of inefficient manual processes that cost you money, you can use one app for better data management and process automation.
Monitor the movements of your staff in real-time, get reports instantly, and control your entire operations from anywhere.

Run your business
with Obzervr

Experience the future of maintenance management with our comprehensive, yet cost-effective Obzervr platform. Designed to alleviate the burden of expensive systems requiring frequent maintenance and upgrades, Obzervr is your gateway to efficiency and savings. Our platform is the culmination of over 100 years of industry experience, distilled into an intuitive, off-the-shelf product that maintenance professionals can leverage immediately.