Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Obzervr offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to empower clients with actionable insights.

Obzervr's platform empowers clients to analyse inspection and maintenance data, identifying trends and anomalies for informed decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies. Customizable dashboards and visualizations facilitate effective communication and real-time tracking of key performance indicators, driving continuous improvement and business success
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Data-driven Insights

Empowering Clients with Advanced Data Analytics Solutions

Obzervr empowers clients with comprehensive data analytics derived from inspections and maintenance operations. Our advanced analytics tools extract actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making to optimize asset performance, resource allocation, and risk management strategies.
Proactive Maintenance Strategies

Proactive Maintenance: Less Downtime, Optimized Efficiency

Transition from reactive to proactive maintenance with Obzervr's predictive analytics capabilities. By analysing historical data, clients can anticipate and prevent potential issues, scheduling maintenance tasks strategically to minimize downtime and enhance operational efficiency.
Streamlined Communication

Boost Collaboration with Obzervr's Reporting Tools

Obzervr enhances collaboration and decision-making through intuitive reporting tools. Customizable dashboards and real-time visualizations enable seamless communication of inspection findings, maintenance updates, and key performance indicators, fostering better coordination and improved overall performance across the organization.

Your Management Operating System (MOS) Delivered Seamlessly On Our Platform

Obzervr is an industry-leading work management and cloud reporting platform

Planning and Scheduling

Optimize Supervisor Resource Allocation with Dynamic Dashboard Views for Real-Time Adjustments

Short Interval Control

Supervisor Resource Allocation: Utilize Dynamic Views on the Dashboard to Adjust Resources in Real-Time

Instant Access

Instant Access to Asset Performance Data, Procedures, Maintenance History, Safety, and Reliability Information

Prestart Live Tool

Plan, Do, Check, Act support for Supervisors. Managing change to process, people and governance

Efficient KPI Tracking

Efficient KPI Tracking, Cost Management, Resource Allocation, Decision Making, and Actioning in Your Operations

Managing Risk, Value of Time, Value of Data

One Click Information

Enhance Resource Allocation and Review by Accessing Work Allocation Data in One Click for Improved Planning and Scheduling Efficiency

Manage by Exception

Spot Deviations, Isolate Root Causes, and Review Machine History Effortlessly, Confirming Results Across All Readings with Just a Few Clicks

Close the Gap

Close the Gap between work as imagined and work as done: Achieve 100% Work Order Completion, Reducing Compliance Risk to near Zero

Why do you need Business Intelligence - A Case Study

Before implementing Obzervr, our client faced significant delays in communication and data processing regarding vehicle fuel usage and run hours. They relied on paper records, which were sent to a centralized location for data entry into spreadsheets. Afterward, these spreadsheets were circulated via email to all sites for review, resulting in a delay of more than a month for maintenance teams to receive critical data. Consequently, maintenance activities were approximately two months behind schedule due to these data delays. However, with Obzervr, the client transformed their process. Fuel usage and run hours were recorded directly on the Capture app, instantly uploaded to digital dashboards accessible in real-time by all teams. As a result, every team had access to up-to-date information no more than one hour old, significantly improving communication and reducing delays in maintenance activities
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Save time: Frontline Data Powers Automated Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

Obzervr revolutionizes operations with smart field tools for frontline data collection and management. Seamlessly integrating with legacy ERP and CMMS systems, Obzervr delivers standardized Management Operating System (MOS) reports to streamline your daily operation communications and support informed decision-making.

Obzervr harnesses the data recorded in the field to generate up-to-date automated reporting and analytics. This functionality allows teams, whether on-site or at remote locations, to access timely insights for informed decision-making. By leveraging real-time data, teams can quickly identify trends, track performance metrics, and proactively address maintenance issues. This seamless integration of field data into reporting and analytics processes enhances operational efficiency, facilitates proactive decision-making, and ultimately drives better outcomes across the organisation

Empower Enterprise Decision-Making with Advanced Analytics Solutions.

Utilize Obzervr's Analytics or your own Power BI in Microsoft Azure for Data Consolidation and Reporting. Analyse field operators' work, compare data, and integrate IoT or Historian data for comprehensive asset insights. Drive safety, reliability, and production KPIs while assessing risk positions to enable swift action in evolving environments

Obzervr offers robust analytics for work management, enabling data-driven decisions, trend identification, and proactive issue resolution for optimized operations.

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Dynamic work planning and short interval control.

Obzervr provides Detailed, Up-to-Date Information on-Field Activity, Assets, and People. Optimise Supervisor Resource Allocation with Dynamic Dashboard Views for Real-Time Adjustments. Uplift Your Short Interval Control for Efficient Work Assignment, and Reassignment Where Required in a Rapidly Changing Environment. Stay Up to Date with Work Progress Using Easy to Read, Real-Time Graphical Dashboards. Save and Customise Views per Team for Easy Access to Information.

A world-class digital work execution platform that helps you simplify, standardise, and manage your critical assets.

Utilize Obzervr to spot deviations, isolate root causes, review machine history effortlessly, and confirm results with just a few clicks. Monitor exceptions to inform maintenance strategies and asset health. Access photo evidence for issue resolution planning
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Get actionable insights and minimise your risks by collecting and storing data in a systematic way.

Allow data to be extracted, trended, or reported as required over the lifecycle of an asset and ensure compliance of your operation. Automation of processes and workflow ensures work is executed as planned and risk is minimised.

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