Drive digital transformation with Obzervr, your partner in advancing maintenance systems for the connected worker. Our cloud-based asset management platform offers a fusion of big-picture analytics and detailed operational insights, enabling real-time, informed decision-making. Embrace the digital era and transform your maintenance strategies with our cutting-edge, connected solutions.
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Intelligence for asset maintenance teams

With Obzervr, you have a full view of all data captured from your machines. Human and IOT. Everything is automated, giving you the necessary insights to take the most effective actions.

Automated machine data insights, electronic checklists, and real-time alerts provide the opportunity to deploy the right people with the right information and the right skill set to the right job.

All from one centralised location. Obzervr creates a remote operating centre for the asset teams providing consistent accessible information for planners, supervisors and reliability engineers, and keeps managers and operations teams aligned.

Unify data from multiple sources

Streamline your decision-making with our comprehensive analytics dashboards, designed to unify data from ERP systems, IoT devices, and field data into one powerful platform. Gain insights into critical KPIs including work order completion rates, operational costs, unscheduled maintenance tasks, machine health, availability, and labor efficiency ratios. Our solution empowers businesses to optimize their operations, improve maintenance strategies, and enhance productivity by leveraging data-driven analytics

Automating your MOS Reporting

Enhance your reporting efficiency with our advanced automation feature, designed to seamlessly consolidate data from diverse sources. Experience the convenience of automatically generating detailed reports and scheduling them for email delivery at your preferred time. Perfect for businesses looking to streamline their data analysis and reporting processes


7-15 hours per person

each week on reports and analysis

Unlock 15 Hours Weekly with Obzervr: Streamline Your Workflow with Analytics and One-Click Automated Reporting. Say Goodbye to Paper Service Sheets and Scouring Storage Rooms. Optimize Efficiency Today

Smarter field service

Revolutionize your field operations with our cutting-edge asset intelligence platform. Our smartphone app connects frontline operators directly with their supervisors, putting a comprehensive suite of tools at your fingertips. Access work instructions, manuals, real-time machine data from IoT devices, knowledge base articles, checklists, and OEM manuals anytime, anywhere. Our solution bridges the gap between office and field, ensuring smooth coordination and seamless operations. Elevate your operational efficiency, communication, and safety standards with our integrated toolbox designed for asset intelligence optimization.

Instant worksite data capture: Plan, execute and analyse in real-time

Boost your asset intelligence capabilities with our state-of-the-art digital work order app, designed to effortlessly capture crucial data and seamlessly integrate it into ERPs and data historians. Empower your frontline teams with the ability to perform immediate in-field analysis, proactively identify planning issues, and prevent potential problems. This innovative solution enhances asset management, ensures operational efficiency, and supports strategic decision-making by providing real-time insights and direct data linkage."

Lower your maintenance costs and improve the availability of your infrastructure. Obzervr is a platform to serve as a digital assistant in your pocket, providing digital work management, reporting, and alerts to improve the reliability of your critical assets.

Automatically monitor and report on key asset health information

Comprehensive oversight: Gain visibility, control, and peace of mind

Control and measure what matters.
Obzervr provides integrated and centralised analytics to the workforce. We are specifically built to harness and illustrate insights on workforce productivity, KPI's and data governance.
Our flexible dashboard system enables you to watch your company's asset and maintenance health, monitor and measure business processes, workflows, applications, and people. With Obzervr you can create real-time reports, and alerts with prebuilt metrics from any data source.

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Drive digital transformation and elevate your asset intelligence with Obzervr, the ultimate ally in advancing maintenance systems for the connected worker. Our cloud-based asset management platform is at the forefront of digital innovation, offering a unique blend of comprehensive analytics and granular operational insights. With our solution, empower real-time, informed decision-making across your organization. Embrace the digital era with Obzervr and revolutionize your maintenance strategies through our cutting-edge, connected solutions designed for unparalleled asset intelligence and optimization.

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