Obzervr provides your teams with the power to understand the big picture in real-time. A cloud first data and asset management system that provides you with powerful tools to gain an immediate understanding of your operations and get actionable insights.
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Intelligence for asset maintenance teams

With Obzervr, you have a full view of all data captured from your machines. Human and IOT. Everything is automated, giving you the necessary insights to take the most effective actions.

Frontline operations are dangerous because of the conditions, not the people. Automated machine data insights, electronic checklists, and real-time alerts provide the opportunity to deploy the right people with the right information and the right skill set to the right job.

All from one centralised location. Obzervr creates a remote operating centre for the asset teams prodviding consistent accessible information for planners, supervisors and reliability engineers, and keeps managers and operations teams aligned.

Everything you need to stay safe in the field.

Transform your phone into a mobile safety device. Change the way you work with inspection data collection, live incident reporting, and compliance monitoring.
No more worrying about incomplete paper checklists or recalling from memory after an incident has occurred.
Obzervr is designed to help you easily capture photos and notes, record the site and project details, and monitor the status of equipment and work instructions. Record all findings in one easy-to-use app to speed up a resolution in the office.

Automating your ERPs (like SAP and Pronto) work execution

Obzervr connects to ERPs (like SAP and Pronto) in work planning, automatically importing work such as maintenance work order and operational tasks. You can now dispatch your work in one single system and expect a high level of accuracy.
Put together a consistent maintenance management strategy and deliver great visibility and control of your maintenance operations. Make your operation safer and smarter than ever before while you accelerate your capacity expansion initiatives.


7-15 hours per person

each week on work order management

With Obzervr, you can regain control of your work orders. Automate the assembly of work order information from the ERP including BOMs, inspection checks, history readings, asset data, photos, work instructions, and ensure the right job is done only once.

Smarter field service

We are transforming the way field operations are done. Frontline operators are connected to their supervisors using a smartphone app.

Everything is always available at your fingertips: work instructions, manuals, real-time machine (IoT) data, knowledge base articles, checklists, OEM manuals etc.

This ensures smooth coordination between the office and the field, enabling seamless operations. We are the toolbox for communication, optimisation, and safety.

Instant worksite data capture: Plan, execute and analyse in real-time

Use your tablet in the field to effectively plan and supervise work, carry out immediate rescheduling and adjustments due to absence, material unavailability, engineering changes, or equipment faults.

We provide you with instant data capture of planned works and feedback on actual works.

By using a mobile app to capture key data and directly link it into ERPs (like SAP and Pronto), you will conduct an immediate analysis in the field and identify planning issues before they cause any problems.

Lower your maintenance costs and improve the availability of your infrastructure. Obzervr is a platform to serve as a digital assistant in your pocket, providing digital work management, reporting, and alerts to improve the reliability of your critical assets.

Automatically monitor and report on key asset health information

Comprehensive oversight: Gain visibility, control, and peace of mind

Control and measure what matters.
Obzervr provides integrated and centralised analytics to the workforce. We are specifically built to harness and illustrate insights on workforce productivity, KPI's and data governance.
Our flexible dashboard system enables you to watch your company's asset and maintenance health, monitor and measure business processes, workflows, applications, and people. With Obzervr you can create real-time reports, and alerts with prebuilt metrics from any data source.

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Still using spreadsheets? Obzervr can help you collect and use data more efficiently. Your field teams can work safer and smarter by collecting asset information on the go. Enhance your understanding of assets and streamline compliance reporting without a heavy investment in tools or human capital. The best time to move to a next-generation solution is right now.

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