Advanced risk and compliance management

Harness Cutting-Edge Technology to Ensure Compliance and Reduce Risk

Obzervr's digital compliance management capability supports compliance in work execution through a combination of innovative technology and smart, user-friendly features designed to streamline and enhance the maintenance processes for heavy assets and equipment. Elevate Your Compliance Standards in Hazardous Environments with Obzervr.
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digital compliance

Digitize Submissions

Obzervr offers Enhanced Compliance Control through seamless translation of your compliance management framework into digital inspections, audits, and assessments. Customize compliance workflows tailored to your specific needs, including guidelines and definitions based on the area or equipment being inspected
manage by exception

Monitor and Review

Enhance Compliance Oversight with Regular Monitoring and Review of Inspections. Continuously improve compliance practices by implementing corrective actions, updating policies and procedures, and conducting ongoing training and awareness initiatives
oversight and reporting

Generate Reports, Analyse Trends

Optimize Compliance Management with Data Visualization: Gain Insights into Your Compliance Metrics. Proactively Mitigate Risks and Prevent Incidents by Identifying Emerging Trends Early

Your Compliance Delivered Seamlessly On Our Platform

Obzervr is an industry-leading digital compliance cloud platform and mobile application

Digital dossier of information

Inspectors can quickly access maintenance records, manufacturer details, previous inspection reports, and any other relevant data, reducing the time needed for each inspection and increasing accuracy

Streamlined Inspections

With all equipment information digitized and organized, inspections can be conducted more systematically and thoroughly. Add conditional logic based on previous responses to forms reducing clutter for inspectors.

Mobile Access and Collaboration

A digital dossier allows field technicians to access and update equipment information in real-time. This facilitates on-site decision-making, improves communication between team members, and ensures that all certified equipment data is current and accurate.

Work offline

Inspectors can work offline, data is saved offline and Obzervr automatically syncs all data once a connection is established

Central Repository

Automatically upload readings, photos, electronic signatures and completed forms to common library.

Managing Risk, Value of Time, Value of Data

Dossier Management

Establish a Unified Source of Information by automating relationships between key data sources such as HA Dossiers, Equipment Registers, and inspection checklists or forms

Custom Check sheets

Tailor and personalize your inspection checklists to precisely match the unique requirements of your equipment and business operations

Unify through Integration

Centralise management of repairs and action, streamlining the capture of critical data at its source and automating follow-up work

Elevate compliance with Obzervr: Precision meets accessibility for remote audits and assessments.

The Obzervr app enables offline performance of all compliance audits and assessments, ensuring accessibility even in the most remote locations worldwide. With Obzervr, you gain access to a rapid, integrated, precise, and standardized approach to work, facilitated by diverse data capture methods including photos, videos, notes, and annotations. Elevate your fieldwork efficiency with a user-friendly, intuitive, and dependable platform tailored precisely to meet your requirements.
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Streamline to Excellence: Where Every Detail Counts

Obzervr allows Equipment Repair Forms to be completed alongside the HA Check Sheet or submitted independently at a later stage. Scan or record Equipment Tag #'s and SAP Work Order #'s (if applicable), and pre-filling of equipment data if available in the dossier. Obzervr offers a predictive search feature, aiming to streamline the entry process for existing equipment details like the Serial #. Our SMART FORM creation can mandate detailed reasoning for repairs with options for "Yes," "No," or "N/A" responses. Submission protocols enforce checks for mandatory fields and condition markings, triggering error messages for any omissions. Setup workflows for submission to allow a review and approval process, including automated notifications to the approver. Approved submissions update the database with new equipment details, backing up previous data. Conversely, rejected forms are returned to the submitter with feedback for necessary corrections, ensuring a thorough and efficient repair management system.

Automate Analytics and Reporting reducing manual overload

Monitoring your compliance with safety, government and corporate standards should be viewed as an opportunity, not a burden. With so many technological advancements available today, your business should have access to information to ensure that there are no gaps in risk, safety, and statutory compliance reporting across all sites. Obzervr automates the generation of detailed reports that align with regulatory requirements, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Obzervr offers robust compliance management, enabling digital dossier support for certified equipment audits, trend identification, and proactive issue resolution for optimized compliance.

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Obzervr: Powering Safer, Smarter Inspections — Elevate Your Efficiency & Compliance

Obzervr offers a leading-edge hazardous area inspection and compliance management solution, enhancing efficiency and safety with its advanced work management platform. Integrated seamlessly with your existing data ecosystem. Obzervr ensures top-notch data integrity and transparency. This innovative platform is designed to expedite inspections and streamline operations in hazardous areas, setting a new standard for accuracy and compliance in the industry

Streamline Hazardous Equipment Management: A world-class digital work compliance platform that helps you simplify, standardise, and manage your certified assets.

Our comprehensive solution tackles the complexity of managing extensive documents and data for hazardous electrical equipment. Bridging the gap between digital and paper-based systems, we offer a seamless transition towards digital maturity, simplifying data management and inspection processes. With the surge in hazardous equipment on sites, our platform addresses the critical challenges of data disorganization and inspection overloads, ensuring efficient and effective management across diverse systems
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Optimize Hazardous Area Equipment Management: Revolutionize your approach to managing electrical equipment and instrumentation in hazardous zones

Our innovative solution offers seamless automation of HA Dossiers, Equipment Registers, and Inspection Checklists and Forms, directly integrating with existing business systems for streamlined Corrective Action creation and closeout. Elevate compliance work by digitising and simplifying complex inspection tasks, reducing manual workload. Allow data to be extracted, trended, or reported as required. Automation of processes and workflow ensures work is executed as planned and risk is minimised. Discover how our solution transforms hazardous area equipment management, making it more efficient, compliant, and secure.

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