Empower Safety Excellence: Obzervr's Standardized Safety Management Across Operations

Obzervr Provides Standardized Safety Management Across Your Operations: Real-Time Hazard Tracking to Prevent Incidents. Safety is paramount in heavy asset industries. Empower your team with collaborative, standardized safety practices, enabling proactive hazard prevention and fostering a culture of safety leadership
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digitise SAFETY

Digitize Submissions

Optimize Safety Documentation with Obzervr's Smart On-Demand App for Digital Safety Assessments. Say Goodbye to Complacency with Tick-and-Flick Paperwork. Ensure Compliance and Document Every Step with Ease

Monitor and Review

Stay Ahead of the Curve by Keeping Abreast of New Submissions and Site Activity. By Leveraging Up-to-the-Minute Information, You Can Make Timely and Well-Informed Decisions, Ensuring the Safety and Efficiency of Your Operation

Generate Reports, Analyse Trends

Harness the Power of Data Visualization to Gain Insights into Your Safety Metrics. By Identifying Emerging Trends Early, You Can Take Proactive Measures to Mitigate Risks and Prevent Incidents Before They Occur

Your Safety Delivered Seamlessly On Our Platform

Obzervr is an industry-leading digital safety cloud platform and mobile application

Safety prerequisites

Have the ability to preset Safety and Hazard capture as a prerequisite to stating work

Mandatory Controls

Have the ability to set mandatory photo, comments and control recording

One App for Safety & Work

Eliminate the need for training Field Operators on multiple apps - Obzervr covers every step for effective Safety Management of your Frontline Teams.

Stop Work

Prevent the continuation of work if controls are not recorded or not up to standard

Automated Audit Trails

Automatically record user details, date and timestamp of all data inputs for reporting

Managing Risk, Value of Time, Value of Data

Empower Your Field Operators

Seamlessly Capture Job Safety Assessments During Work Execution

Enhance Safety Coordination

Empower Safety Coordinators with Data-Driven Safety Performance Management

Effortlessly Monitor Site Safety

Effortlessly Monitor Site Safety KPIs with Automated Dashboards and Analytics. Trend safety outcomes and prevent incidents before they occur.

Experience Effortless Safety Oversight with Obzervr's Cutting-Edge Technology

Obzervr revolutionizes safety management across your operations, leading the charge in real-time hazard tracking to safeguard against incidents. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety in heavy asset industries, Obzervr empowers your team with a unified, standardized approach, fostering a proactive culture of hazard prevention and safety leadership. Our single job safety app streamlines the recording of critical information at the source, ensuring prompt action. Stay ahead with customizable alerts and notifications, configured for swift escalation, and seamless integration with central systems for efficient management and closeout. Unlock instant insights with comprehensive job safety analysis, trends, and reporting, paving the way for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.
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Revolutionised job Safety Management

Establish a unified source of information. Obzervr Utilizes Cutting-Edge API Technologies to seamlessly integrate infield safety, hazards, and incident data into your enterprise work management systems. Centralized management of actions occurs within your existing systems, providing frontline teams with convenient access to digital records and historical information through the app, streamlining the capture of critical data at its source.

Strengthen Safety with Proactive Measures

Obzervr provides comprehensive enterprise-grade tools for effective job safety management. Foster a culture of risk mitigation and prevention with seamless creation, measurement, and management of safety protocols. Centralize safety processes to enhance compliance and operational efficiency, minimizing lost reports and paperwork.

“Obzervr combines the power of an enterprise grade tool like SAP with the simplicity of a self-service tool like iAuditor. We were so excited to get started with creating our digital smart forms” - BlueScope Steel

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Simplify Job Safety Management and Analysis with Obzervr

Our proven technology streamlines safety and compliance document capture, facilitating risk transformation and education. Obzervr empowers frontline teams, boosts productivity, reduces frustration of paperwork, ensures legal compliance, and enhances competitive edge with innovative technology.

Empower Your Frontline Team with a Safer and Simpler Work Environment

Safety checks are imperative for preserving lives. They serve as a crucial pause for the frontline team to STOP and THINK on the tasks ahead. Remaining conscientious and present mitigates unnecessary incidents. Let's abolish the practice of meaningless paper safety checks that often end up discarded. Let's imbue these checks with significance. There's no need to wait for paper records to be transcribed into Excel spreadsheets, only to be re-entered into reports or safety systems. Establish a seamless flow of information directly from the frontline team to the safety system, thereby closing the loop on Safety Management.
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Streamline Safety Management with Obzervr

Effortless implementation and graphical user-friendly interface. Seamlessly integrate work execution and safety procedures with the Obzervr safety solution. Build your own customised Safety checks, Take-5's, SLAM etc. Standardise Safety checks across all work or customise Safety checks for different types of jobs.

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