Revolutionizing Inspections with Mobile, Customizable, Real-Time Solutions!

Obzervr has transformed inspection work at client sites by providing a mobile-friendly, customizable, and data-driven solution. Through our advanced SMART FORMS software platform, clients can streamline inspection processes, improve data accuracy, and gain valuable insights to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.
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Mobile Inspection

Traditional paper-based inspection processes are prone to errors, delays, and inefficiencies. With Obzervr's mobile inspection app, clients can conduct inspections directly from their smartphones or tablets, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. Our intuitive app guides inspectors through predefined inspection checklists, ensuring consistent and thorough assessments every time.

Customizable Inspection Templates

Every client site has unique inspection requirements based on industry standards, regulations, and internal policies. Obzervr allows clients to create customizable inspection templates tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's safety inspections, equipment checks, or environmental assessments, our platform ensures that inspectors have the right tools and guidance to conduct comprehensive inspections.

Superior Offline Capability

Many client sites operate in remote locations or areas with limited connectivity, making it challenging to perform inspections using traditional online tools. Obzervr's mobile app offers superior TRUE offline capability, allowing inspectors to view and capture data in offline mode. Inspection data is automatically synced with the cloud once connectivity is restored, ensuring no loss of data and uninterrupted workflow.

Your Inspections Delivered Seamlessly On Our Platform

Obzervr is an industry-leading digital inspections cloud platform and mobile application

Non-integrated Inspections

Not all work is based on a work order, Obzervr has the flexibility to perform stand-alone inspections without the need for a central ERP or CMMS

Power of an ERP

When running standalone inspections, you still have the benefit of history data, exceptions, time sheets and all standardised work management features

Smart digital forms

Access to variable amounts of information based on field workers experience level; Access to historical readings to inform decisions; Use of large buttons and drop downs for ease of use; supporting device native capability for talk to text and other features; allow logic based workflow and operations to guide completion

Quality, Timely Data

Inspection data is available in our online Management portal for review and reporting or in a static PDF. Click to dynamically access photos, readings and exceptions. Email a PDF version of the completed job to keep teams in sync.

Reduce Complexity

Easily build custom logic into the inspection form to show/hide sections or fields based on previous responses. Reduce the clutter for inspection teams allowing them to focus on exceptions.

Managing Risk, Value of Time, Value of Data

One Click Information

Enhance inspection outcomes by providing access to relevant inspection data that is essential for making informed decisions and taking corrective actions while doing the rounds

Manage by Exception

The ability to quickly see on one page which inspections have exceptions and anomalies and require further attention. Drill down to inspection information and photos.  

Reduce Risk

Guarantee that all work is performed in compliance with mandatory statutory checks and adheres to rigorously verified critical controls, as outlined in the site risk register.

Advanced Inspections Management

Timely access to inspection data is essential for making informed decisions and taking corrective actions. With Obzervr, inspection data is captured in real-time, providing immediate visibility into inspection results and findings. Clients can monitor inspection progress, track compliance metrics, and prioritize corrective actions in real-time, leading to faster response times and improved decision-making. Inspection data is a valuable asset that can provide insights into equipment performance, maintenance needs, and potential risks.

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Navigate Compliance, Master Risk – Unlock Operational Excellence with Precision Control

Guarantee that all work is performed in compliance with mandatory statutory checks and adheres to rigorously verified critical controls, as outlined in the site risk register. Implement a robust system that meticulously records and analyses work processes, providing insights into operational practices. This system should facilitate detailed evaluations of the divergence between actual work practices and standard procedures. Take decisive action to correct and recalibrate operations whenever necessary to align with safety standards and risk management protocols. Our platform offers an unparalleled solution that ensures not only compliance but also operational excellence through continuous monitoring and adaptive recalibration based on real-world data.

Empower Enterprise Decision-Making with Advanced Analytics Solutions.

Utilize Obzervr's Analytics or your own Power BI in Microsoft Azure for Data Consolidation and Reporting. Consolidate and analyse inspection outcomes, compare data, view history for comprehensive asset insights. Visually assess the impact of initiatives on asset performance and availability. Drive safety, reliability, and production KPIs while assessing risk positions to enable swift action in rapidly evolving environments

Standardized and optimized inspections with Obzervr offer several advantages. By implementing consistent inspection procedures and checklists, organizations can ensure thorough assessments aligned with predefined criteria, promoting transparency and accountability.

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Record quality inspection data for improved outcomes

Standardise and Optimize inspections with Obzervr's mobile app, reducing errors and delays. Our intuitive platform ensures thorough, consistent assessments. Standardized inspections offer numerous benefits to organizations across various industries. By implementing consistent inspection procedures and checklists, Obzervr's clients can ensure that all aspects of their operations are thoroughly assessed according to predefined criteria.

A world-class digital work execution platform that helps you simplify, standardise, and manage your critical assets.

Standardization facilitates easier data analysis and comparison, enabling identification of trends and areas for improvement. With Obzervr's platform, inspections become more efficient, accurate, and compliant, leading to improved productivity and reduced risk across operations.
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Automate reporting to reduce administration overload

Enable the extraction, trending, and reporting of data as needed for in-depth analytical dashboards or comprehensive reports. Our platform facilitates the automation of analytics, reports, processes, and workflows, ensuring that compliance obligations are met with precision and efficiency, thereby significantly reducing risks. By leveraging advanced automation technology, our solution streamlines the management of data analytics and reporting, offering businesses the tools they need to monitor performance metrics accurately and make informed decisions. This comprehensive approach to data management and workflow automation not only supports compliance but also enhances operational efficiency and risk management strategies.

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