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The off-the-shelf work execution platform that has a time to value of less than 30-days
Mobile work app: Our Capture app is downloaded from the store on any mobile phone or tablet for work completion on a purpose build mobile application.
Manager Portal: Managers and Supervisors manage work on a web-based portal that is customisable to their workflows, their teams and the KPI's they are tracking.
Analytics Dashboards: Automate your reporting by leveraging our purpose built analytics dashboards to keep track of work and exceptions.
Work Designer: Planners can use our pre-created templates or build their own inspections and service sheets using our drag and drop work designer.
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Is Obzervr right for you?

Even though Obzervr is used by 10,000+ maintenance professionals including large global enterprise clients, it is not right for everyone.
To help you assess if we're a mutual fit, we've created a customised demo that allows you to see exactly how Obzervr can help you achieve your goals around:
- Reduced non-compliance stress
- Increased tool time
- Single source of truth
- Improved visible felt leadership
- Improved team morale
- Improved reporting times and visibility across sites
- Ability to compare and share learnings across multiple sites

Next steps and what to expect

1. Book a discovery session with one of our team to help us understand your current work practices and if Obzervr is the right fit for you
2. Come prepared with your critical success factors and we can focus the session on how Obzervr can simplify your life
3. After the demo, we can provide access to a sandbox (Demo environment) for your team to experience first hand how easy Obzervr is to use, on your devices, in your environment, offline and online!