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Intelligence for oil field operations & maintenance teams

In the face of mounting pressure from investors, governments, and society for reduced carbon emissions, oil and gas companies are rethinking their operations. Rapid technological advancements are essential for this pivot, emphasizing the need for immediate action.

Obzervr’s digital work management platform is at the forefront, facilitating the transition to new, sustainable operating models. It equips O&G enterprises with vital data insights for enhanced efficiency, safety, and profitability, underpinning a culture shift towards cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility across all operational stages.

Address the complex needs of field operations

Task Prioritization and Navigation: Operators can view prioritized tasks in both list and map views, with Obzervr providing real-time updates and navigation to the exact stop/subsystem/desk.

Location Awareness and Task Management: The system shows the operator's current location and ETAs to tasks, with the ability to accept or reject tasks, streamlining the workflow and enhancing efficiency.
Documentation and Real-Time Updates: Attachments of pictures and files to tasks are supported, enabling thorough documentation. Changes in task status and reasons are updated in real-time, allowing for dynamic task reprioritization.

Automating work management

Task Assignment and Overview: Team activities are visible in an activity pool, and tasks can be self-assigned or reassigned to others, providing flexibility in task management. Obzervr also gives a comprehensive view of task completion status.

Data Navigation and Reporting: Operators can view historical data, change routes, and view equipment details within the app, ensuring all necessary information is at their fingertips.
Customization and Localization: Obzervr supports localized units of measurement, dynamic layouts, and can hide or mark fields as read-only as needed, offering a tailored experience for different operational needs.

Data Collection and Record Management: It allows for various data entry frequencies, GPS location capturing, and the use of OCR for text extraction from photos, addressing the need for accurate and versatile data collection.

Supervisors and Engineers

save 7-15 hours per person

each week on job management

Obzervr integrates seamlessly into key production operations, encompassing drilling, extraction, and transportation processes within the oil field sector. By unifying data flow across enterprise systems, it streamlines maintenance activities, ensuring operational efficiency, enhanced safety, and improved decision-making, thereby driving productivity and profitability in energy companies' core work production operations.

Smart oil field operations

Obzervr's platform offers a robust suite of solutions for managing various data types and activities in the oil and gas sector. It handles well readings and tests, equipment maintenance, sample collection, and chemical tracking.

Key solutions include fluid level detection, well rerouting, and oil changes. Business calculations like volume, water cut, and API temperature correction are seamlessly integrated. Obzervr supports dynamic data forms for custom entry, ensuring accurate, efficient data capture and validation for all field operations.

Streamline Tasks, Optimize Operations

Automate task generation with Obzervr's smart system, which schedules activities at regular intervals, like well testing and daily data capture, or triggers them in response to system changes, like fluid sample requests. Users can efficiently manage tasks, with the ability to be assigned by foremen or adjust their workload by accepting or reassigning tasks based on route configurations, enhancing productivity and operational flexibility.

Drive organizational action and insight with our mobile solution, offering tailored KPI communication and task management for each domain. Stay proactive with instant alerts, AFE requests, approval submissions, and real-time monitoring of job progress to enhance decision-making across your entire energy enterprise.

Enable insight and action across the entire operation

Comprehensive oversight: Gain visibility, control, and peace of mind

Optimize your oil field asset management with Obzervr’s precise location tracking for fixed and mobile inventory, facilitating efficient spare parts monitoring and distributed warehousing. The platform enhances visibility into work order requirements, part availability, and simplifies the ordering process directly from field locations, ensuring seamless parts management and inventory control.

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“Obzervr has given our teams the ability to record and capture field data in 50% less time than our current process, allowing theteams to focus on the Business Intelligence this data provides. The combination of Schlumberger high science technology, combined with the quality, consistent, timely data gathering on Obzervr, has set Arrow Energy on an upward trajectory of leveraging data to maintain our compliance obligations, and focus on running our business" - Simon Gossmann, Arrow Energy

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