The World's Best Mobile Data Collection Software built for Humans

July 27, 2022
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Running an operation with multiple departments, each working independently towards a common goal, can be challenging. The leadership team focuses on ensuring the safety of employees, complying with regulations, obtaining necessary licenses, and maximizing production output. However, many organizations still rely on paper-based processes for tasks such as reports, inspections, audits, service sheets, and preventive maintenance.

Our team has extensive experience in the resources and maintenance industry, totaling over 100 years. We have witnessed the evolution of digital technologies, from floppy disk storage and dial-up internet to today's era of accessing vast amounts of information through smartphones. While the desired outcomes remain the same, the way we accomplish our tasks can be more automated, digital, and interconnected.

Recognizing the inefficiencies of relying on paper, our CEO decided seven years ago to develop a user-friendly digital work app that seamlessly integrates with existing business systems. Through consultations with major Australian resource companies, she discovered that paper-based field data recording wasted time for both field and office personnel, leading to rework and significant reporting delays. This combination posed risks to safety, compliance, and the organization's social license to operate.

Frontline teams had to manage large work packages filled with printed information, including specifications, manuals, task sheets, inspection forms, work orders, drawings, safety instructions, permits, journey management plans, and required materials. Completing all the paperwork was exhausting, let alone the subsequent data recapture process by site supervisors, often taking one to two weeks after the work was completed.

Consequently, the operation became highly complex, with numerous frontline teams striving for safety, compliance, and production goals. The heavy reliance on paper disconnected these processes from the overall business systems, making it challenging to address exceptions or issues in real time. To overcome these challenges, Obzervr was developed, drawing on decades of software engineering expertise. Our aim is to enhance the daily lives of frontline teams, minimize rework and errors, and automate repetitive tasks. Frontline engineers shouldn't be burdened with excessive paperwork; they deserve efficient technology solutions.

That's why our technology prioritises the needs of frontline personnel in its design and deployment. We specialize in maintenance work orders, enterprise asset management, mobile work orders, integration with SAP, digital work instructions, Pronto integration, connecting frontline operations, job safety applications, risk management, compliance, production optimization, and more. Schedule a discovery session with one of our team to learn more.

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