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July 27, 2022
12 min read

Before Obzervr:

  • Maintenance - you have all this critical data in the field but it doesn’t trigger maintenance in a way needed to prevent a critical failure.
  • Redeployment of staff or equipment - it’s not quick, easy, or flexible to redeploy field workers on the go.
  • Paperwork - Drawings, OEMs and reference material never seem to be right there when we need them. And if we do find it, it’s often the wrong version.
  • Transparency and flexibility - When our teams are out in the field, we have no tangible way of tracking where they are or what they are doing. This poses serious risks to safety. 
  • Workers are tired of repetitive admin tasks - On average, workers spend 4 hours a day carrying out administration tasks when they would rather spend that time on the tools or in the field. 

After Obzervr:

  • Maintenance - Obzervr provides efficient data gathering and analysis, so all relevant data captured is sent back to the right people. Live frontline diagnostics in Obzervr’s real-time data capture software will provide sufficient time for early intervention to prevent critical failures.
  • Redeployment of staff or equipment - Obzervr provides dynamic work planning that opens the door to more flexible work practices so you can instantly deploy workers where they are needed. 
  • Paperwork - By switching from paper-based workflows to a real time data collection app your organisation will gain hundreds of benefits at once including improved efficiency, safety, transparency, and worker job satisfaction.
  • Transparency and flexibility - Obzervr allows managers and other team members to work more effectively together in the field. It allows managers to see what job their field workers are collecting data from and where they are at in real time. Field workers feel connected because they now have a line of communication that didn’t exist before Obzervr. This new 2-way communication leads to transparency and flexibility, support, and increased worker engagement. It also delivers a 20% improvement in responsiveness.
  • Workers are tired of admin tasks - Not anymore. By eliminating paper we make work more efficient, and effective and workers can spend more time doing their real work, not admin work. A real time data collection tool like Obzervr means a ton less duplicate work and waste.

With Obzervr’s real-time data management app, you can:

Easily Plan, Schedule, and Track 

  • Our dashboard enables you to create and complete work orders, and design, plan, assign and schedule fieldwork 
  • Build work assignments and assign work trips to your team members
  • Obzervr is designed to operate as a stand-alone system or be integrated with ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) like SAP and Pronto

The World’s Leading Mobile Data Collection App 

  • Supports any workflows, templates, and data collection forms you require for your business
  • Offline and online capability, a wide range of industries supported, along with enabling digitised customised field generated activities
  • Obzervr’s mobile app works across a wide variety of platforms including Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices 

Results Delivered by Our Data Scientists 

  • Obzervr’s team is knowledgeable and are passionate experts in configuration, field data collection, and workflows. We will design and build your business intelligence platform to deliver premium quality data that you can use to drive operational efficiency and increased productivity. 
  • Commercial grade business and analytics. Our mobile app allows access to high-quality commercial-grade analytics products with Power BI, and Microsoft Azure along with extensive public APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

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