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July 27, 2022
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Running an operation with multiple departments all working apart from one another but trying to achieve the same goal can be challenging. Safety of your people, compliance to regulation and licence to operate and maximising production output are key deliverables for the leadership team. In most organisations, the work to be done to achieve these deliverables still gets distributed and executed on paper. Paper or excel reports, paper-based inspections and audits, paper service sheets and PM Tasks.

Our team have worked in the resources and maintenance industry a combined 100+ years. We have seen digital technologies evolve from stiffy disk storage and dial up internet to today where we can access any piece of information ever known to man from our mobile smart phones. We understand the deliverables haven’t changed, but how we get those jobs done can be more automated, more digital and more connected.


When considering the work frontline teams perform on paper, it made sense to our CEO 7 years ago to build a digital work app, that was easy for a normal non-technical human to use while out in the field and could integrate to multiple existing business systems seamlessly.

What she saw when consulting to large Australian resource companies was that recording field data on paper wasted time for both infield and head office people, created extensive rework, created massive delays in reporting. Together this created an explosive combination for major safety and compliance loops to slip through the cracks and put their social licence to operate at risk.


The frontline teams required large work packs of printed information to execute their work – specifications and manuals, PM Task sheets, inspection sheets, audit or work orders to be completed, drawings, drill plans, safe work instructions, permits to work, journey management plans, materials and spare parts required for the job. (It’s tiring just writing it down never mind filling out all the paperwork).


Completed work packs were handed back to site supervisors for data recapture into some or other spreadsheet or business system for tracking, future job planning or reporting. This mostly happened 1-2 weeks after the actual work order has been done.  


What this resulted in was a highly complex operation with hundreds of frontline teams all trying to achieve the key goals of safety, compliance and production, heavy paper driven, not connected to business systems and no ability to manage exception or issues as they arise.


The development of Obzervr is based on decades of experience in software engineering, a passion and dedication to use technology to improve the daily lives of frontline teams, ensure work can be executed with the least amount of rework and error and allow for automation of repetitive tasks. Engineers on the frontline are not administrative clerks, so why give them so much paper to lug around and fill out.

This is why we put people on the frontline first in the design and deployment of our technology.

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