The Power To Understand Your Business In Real-Time

August 10, 2022
10 Minutes

With Obzervr's Digital Maintainer, you gain comprehensive insights into the information flows across your site. From existing business systems, to Internet of Things (IoT) data captured from your machines. Our automated system provides valuable insights to help you effectively carry out your tasks.

Frontline operations can be challenging due to the conditions, but Obzervr's Digital Maintainer focuses on automating consitent work exectuion, data analysis, electronic checklists, mandatory checks, safety prerequisites and real-time alerts. This enables you to deploy the right personnel with the necessary information and skills to each job, all managed from a centralized location. Obzervr enhances communication, reduces errors, and ensures seamless coordination between site managers and operators.

Stay Safe in the Field

Transform your phone into a mobile safety device with Obzervr. Our platform revolutionizes inspection data collection, live incident reporting, and compliance monitoring. Say goodbye to incomplete paper checklists and relying on memory after an incident. Obzervr simplifies data capture by allowing you to easily take photos, add notes, record site and project details, and monitor equipment and work instructions—all in one user-friendly app. This speeds up issue resolution and analysis in the office.

Automate SAP Work Execution

Obzervr seamlessly integrates with SAP for work planning, automatically importing work orders and maintenance operations. By managing your work in a single system, you can expect a high level of accuracy. This empowers you to establish a consistent maintenance management strategy, ensuring great visibility and control over your operations. Enhance safety and efficiency while accelerating capacity expansion initiatives.

Real-Time Worksite Data Capture

Plan, execute, and analyze work in real-time using your tablet in the field. Obzervr allows you to effectively plan and supervise work, make immediate adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances, and capture data on planned and actual work. By linking this data directly into SAP via our mobile app, you can quickly identify and address any planning issues before they become problems.

Smarter Field Service Operations

Obzervr is transforming field operations by connecting frontline operators with their superiors through a smartphone app. This app provides easy access to work instructions, manuals, real-time machine data, knowledge base articles, checklists, and more. It ensures smooth coordination between the office and the field, optimizing communication, operational efficiency, and safety.

Real-Time Connections. Perfect Coordination

Effectively manage your team's operational flows with Obzervr. Our platform offers real-time information and work instructions, ensuring your team stays in the flow without interruptions. Eliminate errors with pre-site checks and customized work instructions for each worker. Connect all members of your operation, including office staff and supervisors, for fast and easy problem diagnosis on the spot.

Streamline Frontline Operations

Obzervr's Digital Maintainer eliminates the need for paperwork by automatically recording work start and stop times, machine downtime, and critical metrics. Our automated reporting provides instant access to job information, associated key performance indicators (KPIs), teams involved, and workflow history. Say goodbye to sifting through paperwork for issue resolution.

Discover How Obzervr Can Help

Obzervr's Digital Maintainer enables efficient data collection and utilization, allowing your field teams to work safer and smarter by capturing asset information on the go. Enhance your understanding of assets and streamline compliance reporting without heavy investments in tools or human resources. Embrace the benefits of a next-generation solution by requesting a design session today.

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