Secure Field Service Management Software: Trusting Your Data with Obzervr

March 1, 2023
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When selecting Field Service Management (FSM) software, it's crucial to have confidence that your organization's sensitive data is secure. With numerous Software as a Service (SaaS) companies available, there can be risks associated with utilizing cloud-based solutions like Obzervr. However, Obzervr stands out as an exceptionally secure FSM application, providing peace of mind for your data protection.

Let's explore some key statistics and reasons why Obzervr is a trustworthy choice:

  1. Strong Encryption Protocols: Obzervr's FSM software ensures data security by encrypting all information during transmission and storage. This includes sensitive data like passwords. Encryption safeguards your data from interception by unauthorized parties, acting as a protective layer.
  2. Annual Independent Security Audits: To maintain up-to-date security, Obzervr undergoes independent security audits each year. These audits assess the effectiveness of their security system, identifying potential vulnerabilities and addressing them promptly. This ensures that your data remains protected against cyber attacks and breaches.
  3. Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting: Obzervr relies on Microsoft Azure as its cloud hosting provider. Microsoft Azure holds the highest certification levels among public cloud providers and operates in numerous regions worldwide. It has established itself as a highly secure platform, trusted by over 90% of US Fortune 500 companies.
  4. Granular Security Permissions: With Obzervr's FSM software, you gain control over security permissions through the Manager Portal. This feature allows you to manage access controls and define roles, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data within your organization.
  5. NIST Framework Compliance: Obzervr adheres to the guidelines of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This framework, overseen by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), provides guidelines to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Obzervr follows these guidelines meticulously, including protocols for password protection and complexity.
  6. Dedicated Support Team: Obzervr maintains a dedicated support team responsible for monitoring the system for potential threats. They proactively identify and respond to system errors or any abnormal behavior promptly. With vigilant monitoring, any issues are addressed swiftly, ensuring a secure environment.
  7. Prompting Unusual Activity Alerts: Obzervr's FSM software notifies users via email if any unusual activity is detected during login attempts. This empowers your team to report potential security risks and update their passwords if necessary. Such proactive alerts provide an additional layer of security.
  8. Eliminating Temporary Passwords: Obzervr follows the global standard of not using temporary passwords. New users are prompted to create their own passwords after email verification. This eliminates the risks associated with temporary passwords and ensures immediate security.
  9. Data Retention Policies: Obzervr retains your organization's data on its platform, readily available for your use. However, they won't archive your data unless specifically requested. For more details, you can refer to Obzervr's standard Terms and Conditions regarding data retention policies.

Obzervr Field Service Management Software: A Trusted SaaS Company

Obzervr stands out as a reliable FSM software solution with robust privacy and security practices. We prioritize protecting your company's sensitive data against cyberattacks and security breaches. If you're seeking an FSM software solution with strong data security measures, Obzervr is trusted by thousands of frontline teams around the world everyday.

To learn more about how Obzervr can benefit your organization, feel free to request a discovery session.

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