Modernise Your Organisation With The World's Leading Workflow Management App

July 27, 2022
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With Obzervr’s ​​workflow management app you can run your work remotely with confidence. Do everything in one place, from anywhere – including workflows, checklists, and reporting. Enjoy much greater visibility of your people, workflows, production and most importantly, the safety of your people and assets.

Obzervr manages every field related workflow, work process, and assigned task, to drive better decisions and ensure your company runs to plan every day. 

Using Ozervr’s workflow management software will improve work quality, maximise company profits and reduce costs. Plus, our clients report back an increased worker satisfaction, radically improve response times, a reduced need for rework and so much more. 

In fact, the increased efficiency will reduce your management time by around 55%.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

• Instantly integrate complex field workflows such as audits, assessments, defect reporting, sample collection, and safety. 

• Work online and offline in remote areas 

• Give your field workers all the data required to perform their assignment with integrated intelligence, guides and IoT (Internet of Things). 

• A single, central source of truth for location and asset management, and integrating field service with your IoT devices to promote predictability.

• See the data that matters with our industry-leading data visualisation, dashboards, and self-service analytics.

Leveraging Azure Cloud Platform Security

• Obzervr uses Microsoft Azure which has been given the highest security rating for unclassified data by the Pentagon.

• All data is encrypted during transit, and at rest, giving you the confidence of total confidentiality and privacy.

• Data is hosted by Azure, providing absolute data security. 

Obzervr Data Collection and Business Intelligence

Our promise to you:

Obzervr delivers a platform that is sophisticated, scalable, and secure to collect, organise, store, and analyse your critical field data. After implementing Obzervr you can unlock and leverage the intelligence that is currently hidden in your field data which boosts efficiency, productivity and most importantly, safety and profits. 

What Obzervr offers:

• On the ground experience and high level expertise in field data collection and workflows for asset-intensive industries.

• A team with in-depth experience across industry, mobile technologies, apps, and software.

• A data collection application designed by people in the field. 

• A single source of secure, trusted data in your organisation from varied touch points. 

• Embedded analytics, dashboards, and intelligence. 

• Extensive public APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to plug into 3rd party systems as required. 


The Obzervr dashboard is the central command centre. You can see work order requests, assigned work orders, works in progress and those that have been completed. You will be able to view items that need your immediate action, and managers can provide approvals to Field Workers quickly and easily.


Need to track the performance of your processes? or Monitor the most important KPIs? It’s now a breeze with our dynamically generated status reports. Easily identify and track bottlenecks in your workflows and action improvements for process efficiencies.


Use our native integrations and APIs to integrate with your favourite Cloud-Based Applications and ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) such as Pronto and SAP in real time.


Obzervr is available for Android & Apple devices. Our app can be used by any field worker at any time, from anywhere on earth. 

Obzervr is your work management application.

Obzervr is the workflow management app that keeps remote teams and asset-intensive enterprises running efficiently, even in the face of unpredictable challenges.

Our workflow management software is proven to increase business productivity using our intuitive time-saving platform.

Obzervr is simple to integrate into your organisation, and easy for your staff to use. 

Discover even more use cases and functionality from a highly-responsive, high-powered analytical platform that adapts to your needs.

Grow your business with Obzervr.

Request a demo now.

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