From Papercuts to digital maintenance software: Everything you need to know to get started

January 10, 2023
4 min read

Welcome to the exhilarating world of digital maintenance software adoption! Get ready for a thrilling ride as we dive into the captivating realm of Obzervr. From papercuts to field automation, we've got everything you need to embark on this exciting journey.

Picture this: you're standing at the crossroads of your organization, contemplating how to unleash the power of paperless digital maintenance software. But fear not, for Obzervr is here to guide you through the enchanted process. Now, you may wonder, how do we get started? What's the secret behind rolling out this magical solution in your workplace? Well, my friend, let me tell you—it all depends on your unique situation!

In this whimsical article, we'll take you on a wild adventure, shedding light on the engagement process when choosing Obzervr as your trusted digital maintenance software. But before we dive in, let's uncover the magnificent problems that Obzervr software can help you solve. Imagine waving goodbye to roadblocks in your day-to-day workflow, unlocking the full potential of your operating model, and blasting through KPI barriers with a powerful scheduling and maintenance system.

Whether you're the one reaching out to us or we come knocking on your door because we sense you're in need of our extraordinary platform, the process typically begins the same way. We'll start with a magical meeting, followed by a spellbinding demo that will leave you in awe. From there, we'll create a tailor-made meeting schedule to strategize the steps needed for enhanced safety and production through the implementation of digital asset management software.

Now, what if you're not ready to embrace this enchanting transformation across your entire business? Fear not, for we have a solution! Many of our esteemed clients prefer to embark on exhilarating test pilots before fully committing to the wondrous world of Obzervr software. You can dip your toes in the waters of a water management pilot or embark on a thrilling adventure with a small departmental pilot. Maybe you'd like to witness the magic of Obzervr on one site before sharing it with your other assets. Whatever your heart desires, we want to ensure your absolute satisfaction with our extraordinary product!

In the realm of grandeur, even the largest ASX listed clients take their time—3 to 6 months to be exact—to lay the groundwork and establish contracts, followed by an additional 3 to 6 months of enthralling talks with Obzervr to devise a project delivery schedule. We understand that such monumental decisions require careful consideration, especially for these grand companies. On the other hand, smaller businesses tend to complete their pilot adventures within a mere 90 days, swiftly moving on to a full-blown rollout over the next thrilling 3 months.

Ah, but what kind of companies are best suited for the embrace of a digital asset management system, you ask? Well, my friend, if your business harbors fearless frontline field workers, then it's highly likely that your organization can reap the marvelous benefits of Obzervr's software! We've danced our way through countless clients—from blue-chip companies to emerging ones, from sprawling brownfields to untouched greenfields, and even to the most remote workforces found in the likes of Antarctica and the Pilbara, Canada to central Queensland! We cherish all companies, big or small, and customize our platform to cater to your every need, for no two customers want or need the same from Obzervr.

Now, let's unveil the mesmerizing process of implementing this extraordinary asset tracking software. But first, we must delve into the heart of the problem you seek to solve within your organization. Assuming we can assist, we shall follow it up with a spellbinding demo of Obzervr software, allowing you to experience its magic firsthand. Once you're ready to take the next leap, our team of enchanters will construct a solution tailored specifically to your needs, presenting you with a magnificent project framework and a thrilling plan of action in a follow-up meeting.

Depending on the size of your project and whether you desire a daring pilot adventure, we'll schedule additional meetings to track the progress of this mesmerizing transformation. Once the pilot phase reaches its climax, and if you're delighted with the results, we shall initiate the creation of a digital strategy for your organization. This captivating journey often entails a series of meetings with various stakeholders, both from within and occasionally beyond the bounds of your business.

But fear not, for we have mastered the art of optimizing workflows for implementing asset management tools. Drawing from the invaluable knowledge gained through our previous exploits, we shall apply relevant learnings from our past triumphs to your organization, saving you precious time and resources. By assessing what has worked before, we can swiftly devise a strategic plan to integrate and optimize your unique value chain. Moreover, our team at Obzervr has embraced the agile methodology, breaking your project into thrilling phases that deliver iterative enchantment based on the data we collect along the way. We prefer this approach, as do our esteemed clients, as it allows us to enchant you with incremental wonders rather than overwhelming you with a single grand unveiling.

Now, let's explore the enthralling testing phase—how does this asset tracking software work its magic within your organization? Once your forms are conjured, a select group of personnel from your organization shall have the honor of becoming the Obzervr Champions (sounds much more impressive than "Obzervr Test Subjects," wouldn't you agree?). These champions shall embark on an extraordinary adventure, testing the forms, unraveling their secrets, and providing valuable feedback. But fear not, for we grant you not one, but three opportunities to shape the forms to your liking during the exhilarating User Acceptance Training (UAT) meetings. These gatherings shall involve a diverse cross-section of your workforce, ensuring everyone feels included and part of this magical change management process.

Once the UAT process is complete, our team of sorcerers will rigorously test the dashboards and forms, ensuring a seamless integration that weaves your existing systems with Obzervr's enchantment. We leave no stone unturned, employing multiple members of the Obzervr team to ensure every nuance is perfected. And thus, we shall enter the grand "go live" period, where the Obzervr team shall descend upon your site or workplace to ensure a smooth transition. We'll ensure the integration with your other EPRs (Enchanted Productivity Resources) is flawless, and we'll provide comprehensive training to empower your end-users to extract the utmost wonders from Obzervr.

So, dear reader, what lies beyond this thrilling overview? This guide merely scratches the surface of the grand engagement and wondrous projects that unfold within Obzervr's realm. We would be more than delighted to discuss how your unique project can be framed, tailored precisely to suit your extraordinary business. Prepare to embark on an adventure like no other, for Obzervr stands ready to transform the mundane into the magical, one organization at a time!

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