Field Operations Data Capture Software To Boost Productivity And Efficiency

August 16, 2022
9 minutes

The power of digital data collection and GPS improves team coordination and efficiency in field operations. Use Obzervr’s Field Operations Data Collection Tool to significantly reduce or even fully replace the reliance on paper. 

Improve the data accuracy of critical field assets through a purpose-built Field Operations Data Management App. Using Obzervr’s app will ensure that both field and office staff use the same authoritative data in real-time to reduce errors, increase productivity, and ultimately, boost safety and profits.

Create and Plan

Get the office and the field teams working in perfect unison. Leverage the power of digitised work software that leverages location tracking to understand where work needs to be done and effectively coordinate and dynamically dispatch resources. Evolve to a more agile and flexible workforce. 

Your trustable single source of data is the foundation from which efficient field activity planning is done. 

Navigate & Coordinate

Your data, your equipment, your assets — even while offline. Consistently meet deadlines and maintenance schedules by using Field Operations Data Management Software and get the job done. 


Replace outdated paper-based workflows that are prone to all kinds of errors and issues. Using paper-based workflow drawings, OEMs and reference material can never be found. If it is found it’s the wrong version.

Enable workers to easily perform accurate data collection and asset inspections at any location with an app that is suitable for mobile workers of all technical levels. Field-captured data immediately feeds into your central system, streamlining all your business processes and supporting better decision-making.

Monitor and Take Action

Make informed decisions at a glance using accurate data. Obzervr features an easy-to-understand dashboard to support informed decision-making. Communicate the real-time status of field operations to managers by tracking and reporting real-time data feeds, updates, and activities that focus on your critical activities. Present analytics and dashboards to decision-makers of activities and events that impact them.


Sharing information can be critical to the success of an organisation. Whether collaborating as a small team or a large, complex organisation, the ability to scale the unique needs of your situation is easily accomplished with Obzervr’s Field Operations Data Management Tool. Easily control data access for field and office-based stakeholders, so information is instantly shared across your critical team members.

Time, as they say, is money. 

The bottom line is that asset-intensive companies need to find ways to reduce costs and increase profitability. If staff can reduce the time they are required to spend on the collection of the data, along with less time devoted to the analysis of the data, this is an instant cost-cutting and profit-enhancing measure. 

Field Operations Data Collection Tools are a game-changer and allow the field operator to link production outages to specific maintenance plans and events, resulting in a much clearer analysis of process issues. In addition, depending on where your company operates, there could be legislative and compliance requirements that need to be followed and field data that needs to be reported to government departments. Using a mobile app makes everything easier. 

Our app contains all the reference material, reg’s, drawings and support documents to every single work order. All you have to do is click on the attachments and it comes up. Obzervr opens the door to improved work practices because everything is always up to date and available. If a new SOP is approved, change it once and all the other works that have that SOP attached will change too… It also allows effective usage of all resources with associated business benefits. As an industry-standard digital transformation like Obzervr delivers a 15% improvement in compliance.

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