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July 27, 2022
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Easily record, track, and optimise large asset performance

Managing your critical business assets shouldn’t be left up to paperwork. Obzervr’s Asset Tracking App lets you quickly see and manage all asset information in a single place— everything from maintenance schedule, repair history and cost, to priorities, spare parts consumption, and more.

Organise your asset data

Put everything you need to know about your important assets in one place and allow your team to access it in seconds using an intuitive dashboard.

Pull up asset records in an instant

No more shuffling through paperwork, you can now digitise workflows related to any asset, part, or work order. Instantly see real-time asset information.

Have a complete view of asset maintenance across multiple worksites

Organise users, assets, inventory, checklists, and tasks by location, teams or individuals. Create, plan, schedule, and trigger work to several team members working across the same job or an entire team. Get real-time updates and KPI trends from each job being carried out.

Create customised maintenance schedules to keep equipment running at its best at all times

Schedule, trigger and be notified and alerted of maintenance requirements for all your important assets.

Get the right people on the job

Assign individuals to a specific asset, work order or task. Field workers will be notified when a new work order is created and the priority of the work so tasks are completed safely, methodically and efficiently.

Record custom asset information

Create your own asset tracking checklists, rules and fields and collect the information you want and need from your assets.

Optimise your assets

Instantly, get better insight into the performance and health of critical assets and equipment and turn that data into better-informed decisions. Prevent critical asset failures and downtime. 

Get a complete view of your assets

Use Obzervr’s dashboards to get an overview of your assets and equipment, including current status, maintenance metrics, upcoming inspections, and more.

Keep every detail about your assets in one place

See critical data for each machine in the digital asset log. Add important data such as repair dates, notes, images, videos, checklists, and other important details so you’re never unsure about an asset’s history.

Create and automate in-depth practical reports

Choose from over 100 pre-built reports or build customised reports for your assets and equipment. Have notifications sent to your inbox to keep on top of requirements.

Visualise asset performance over time and drill into results

Use Obzervr’s analytics to visualise and track maintenance on all your assets using ready-made reports and graphs. Filter and splice this data in hundreds of ways and navigate individual data points to connect your team’s work to various outcomes.

Recent Water Case Study Findings:


  • Inspections were being conducted on paper and were often lost
  • Monitoring events with inaccurate or incomplete data
  • Multiple parties collecting data – not doing so consistently
  • Sampling for monitoring event was paperwork intensive
  • Analysis of findings is very time intensive with data needing extensive re-work in excel and other business processes.


  • Obzervr supported the collection of Field Measures and automated the sampling process 
  • Obzervr sampling information electronically integrated with the various laboratories to streamline data back into the system, minimising handling and ensuring there was one source of truth.
  • Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards built to provide interpretation of historical and recent monitoring event data
  • Reporting and dashboards – provide immediate analysis of results as soon as results were published to Obzervr.


  • Structured, consistent, accurate data from monitoring event
  • The capture of contextual data around monitoring to aid decision making
  • Reporting time was reduced by almost 50%
  • Full historical information is available in a user-friendly, intuitive interface

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