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Uncover the business intelligence hidden in your field data

Obzervr is a subscription based field data collection and business analytics platform to help you…

Collect and Organise

Digitise any field data collection form

Store and Analyse

Store and analyse your data in the cloud

Visualise and Share

Report and share visuals

Smart business operations

Clients using Obzervr enjoy higher levels of productivity, efficiency and an ability to utilise relevant and contextual data for better business decisions.

Improve efficiency and productivity

By digitising your data collection to streamline your business processes you save significant time and cost within your business.

Improve operational performance

With high levels of visibility of your operations teams, lag and lead indicators can be used to drive business improvement.

Improve data accessibility to make better decisions

Data collected in the field is available in real-time at HQ providing you with dynamic and contextual information to make important decisions.

Delivering knowledge and clarity

Business analytics affords you the ability to improve business processes, create new revenues streams and drive new competitive advantage.

Capture and combine valuable data sources

Obzervr manages and stores data in a common data platform enabling you to augment IoT data with human data collected.

Explore value previously hidden

Obzervr provides the platform for your data scientists (or ours) to analyse and interrogate your data to offer new sources of insight for value creation.

Affordable access to powerful business analytics

Obzervr offers unprecedented access to powerful visualisation and analytics tools for an affordable monthly subscription.

Field data collection and analytics for a wide-range of uses

A field-to-HQ seamlessly connected platform to enable you to work smart and unlock hidden value

Environmental Management and Compliance

Ideal for environmental surveys, impact assessments, disturbance and rehabilitation, ecology, vegetation, and contaminated land.

Environmental Monitoring

Ideal for air/noise/soil quality sampling regimes, re-vegetation, contamination, feral animals, erosion and fire management.

Compliance Inspections

Ideal for property inspections, pest, pool safety inspections, hazardous materials and asbestos inspections, fire safety and general safety.

Condition assessment

Supports Building and Housing, Pavements & Paths Network, Highways & Roads, Track networks, Traffic Signs & Controls, Bridges, Drainage, Parks, Depots.

Asset Inspection and Monitoring

Configurable for buildings, vessels, vehicles, rolling stock, parks, amenities and facilities, playgrounds, plant and equipment.

Integrated Field Operations

Powerful enough to combine multi-discplinary field data from production, environment, asset, maintenance and safety.

" Obzervr is an innovative, adaptive and intuitive system. It allows Senex to have remarkably comprehensive and spatially aligned environmental data. "
Bronwen Morrison Environmental Manager, Senex
"Obzervr has enabled Healthy Waterways to dramatically improve its data acquisition and visualisation through powerful personalised dashboards. In addition, we have reduced significantly, the time it takes to get the data from the field to being quality assured and available online."
James Udy Chief Scientist, Healthy Waterways

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