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The spider man web front page was an outcome of our Obzervr CTO testing our new custom domains feature. We’re a team who heartily support memes, so it doesn’t surprise me that our Chief Technology Officer thought that this was an excellent idea.

For example, one day, I received this message in Slack.

As far as I know, nobody has changed the custom domain, so when you google ““, the below web page appears.




Custom Domains allows you to personalise the landing page of Obzervr Manager with any branded image and logo. You can add a new URL, so that when your team searches for Obzervr, they can type the name of your business instead of worrying about spelling “obzervr”.

Personalising their work allows your team to take ownership of the solution and make the work that they manage in Obzervr resonate with them. It will reiterate your company values and foster collaboration between team members.

There are two steps to customising your Obzervr Manager. The first step is to add the logos and landing page image. The second step is to create a custom domain using the format This new URL will replace the generic login at It also means that if you want to add a completely custom domain using a domain that you own e.g., you can do that too. If you’d like more information, send us a message at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

So that’s how you personalise Obzervr Manager for your company! If you want to learn more, read How to add a custom domain to Obzervr Manager. It’s pretty quick and easy to brand Obzervr Manager with your logos, so you should give it a go and try it out. You can add your own funky picture to the landing page like ours 😉

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