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Field to Boardroom Analytics

This allow our clients to implement a wide range of use-cases from simple Risk and Safety checklists, Production Monitoring, Plant and Equipment Maintenance, GIS integration, Environment Compliance frameworks, Laboratory Sampling for Minerals, Oil, Soils and Water.

The first part of our 'Obzervr Difference' series looked at the Extensible Data Model. Today we will discuss Field to Boardroom Analytics.

From building runways in Antarctica to recording the birth and movement of cattle to reporting the daily oil production of an oil well in the desert to monitoring the Great Barrier Reef to assessing gold mining heavy machinery.

The Obzervr Platform provides a turnkey, SaaS solution to manage fieldwork from the Field to Site office to Boardroom. Everyone who needs it gets it.

  • Friendly, intuitive mobile assistance.
  • Rich, integrated analytics and machine learning.
  • Fully open, real-time integration with existing systems and the postmodern ERP (Core Enterprise Systems e.g. SAP, Oracle, Pronto)

Benefits of this approach are profound:

  • Ensuring a collaborative feedback environment empowering all levels of the organisation with the right data at the right time in the right format
  • Ensuring there is transparency at every step of the data value chain by integrating with key enterprise solutions such as DELFI, Avocet, SAP and Pronto and making the results available across all levels of the organisation
  • Using learning engines to facilitate decision making, uplift efficient and productive