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Field Service Automation – “Why Now?”

Working at the coal face brought a realisation that many organisations with field operators were living with fundamentally broken processes and worse still, were being held back from doing great things. Obzervr leverages the power of the Cloud, Mobility and Analytics to re-imagine new ways of doing field work, giving power back to your operators and the teams they work with.

We have written previously “Why Obzervr?” which identified some of the reasons why I Founded Obzervr. The “Why?” of course is a nod to Simon Sinek. If you have not heard of him, I would definitely recommend watching some of his videos and TED Talks. Sinek illustrates, compellingly, how companies should think about how they position themselves in the market by storytelling and that storytelling must start with the “Why?”.

Industry experience brought a realisation that many organisations with field teams were living with fundamentally broken processes and worse still, were being held back from doing great things. This is the essence of “Why” we started Obzervr.

However, the “Why?” is only part of the need to have Obzervr in the market. The real need from Customers and Partners is the “Why Now?”

I’m going to borrow from another expert in helping companies define their story and position in the market – Andy Raskin. What Raskin does is help customers define their storytelling from the perspective of “Why Now?”

Raskin identifies 3 categories for effective “why now” strategies:-

  1. Demand: recent shifts/trends in the industry
  2. Qualification: personal or organisational changes internal to an organization
  3. Supply: recent developments that make a solution possible today

These are of course not mutually exclusive. Indeed a combination of the above can often provide a compelling reason to act immediately.

The world downturn in commodity prices has significantly impacted on the Resource Sector (Oil & Gas, Mining). This is an industry notorious for cycles. But it has never been a problem of Price (of commodities) but an issue of Cost (of producing). Boom times only serve to hide the cost challenge. You can still be a profitable Miner even in today’s low market if your Costs are lower than Prices. Reducing Costs is a function of streamlining, productivity and driving efficiency. Doing things differently. This is what Obzervr does. Obzervr helps customers re-imagine how their field teams work with each other, and with head office, using technology.

It is not just Resource companies that are seeking to reduce Costs, it is across the board. Utilities, Construction and Manufacturing have similar innovation initiatives. Interestingly, these are the very sectors that the McKinsey research identified as falling behind in digitisation. These organisations are under pressure to do more with less. Fewer employees to do the same or more work. That is an ‘organisational qualification’. They reach a threshold whereby unless you change how you do things, business as a whole will be detrimentally affected. So if Obzervr can offer a low-cost approach to driving 20-55% productivity increase for Field Teams, then that is definitely a “why now?”

This low-cost approach to productivity has been made possible by Technology. Obzervr leverages the power of the Cloud, Mobility and Analytics to re-imagine new ways of doing field work. For a customer, they do not need to invest in expensive computer hardware, software and services. Through a ‘consumption approach’ (utility computing), Customers can pay for exactly what they need. They can scale-up, scale-down their usage. Obzervr’s intuitive application makes adoption easy so that teams can start being productive right away. The platform allows for seamless integration with your existing systems (ERP, database, scheduling, Risk/Finance).

This is the “why now?” Organisations with field teams wanting to gain a competitive edge on using their data smarter should act today and see how Obzervr can benefit them. We simplify the complicated work of field data management by generating actionable insights. Obzervr allows you to capture value from the data you are gathering, improve your ability to extract intelligence from data and treat data as a competitive edge.

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