We bring to life your investment in maintenance strategies and tactics. Reliability engineers can see real outcomes of work completion and machine availability.
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​Obzervr is an industry-leading asset maintenance cloud platform and mobile application that engages frontline technicians, supervisors and managers to deliver consistent, measurable outcomes.

Control and measure what matters.

Obzervr provides integrated and centralised analytics to the workforce. We are specifically built to harness and illustrate insights on workforce productivity, KPI's and data governance.

Our flexible dashboard system enables you to track your operations performance, monitor and measure business processes, workflows, applications, and people. With Obzervr you can create real-time reports and alerts with prebuilt metrics from any data source.

Reliability Monitoring

Reliability engineers and planners work together on actual data from inspections and machine services to update strategies. We are the execution of your strategy and tactic work, on a digital device, to gain real returns on your investment.

Using our online analytics capability, reliability engineers can work remotely to increase work-life balance or work across multiple sites.

Reliability Monitoring

Get to the bottom of issues quickly. See details on a day-by-day basis about events that impact reliability and view your system stability history at a glance.

Defect management

Built to ensure your team can manage their workflow from anywhere without an internet connection. Our Failure Mode and Defects assessments allow you to control deviations, flows, and inspections seamlessly, automatically, and present information to Reliability Engineers as it happens.

We've overhauled our design for the latest version of deviations, flows, and inspections seamlessly and automatically while presenting information to Reliability Engineers as it happens.

Manage by exception

Never miss a critical observation again. As you complete your work instructions and collect data, any exceptions or alerts will automatically be raised and stored in one place.
Your manager and supervisor will immediately be notified so they can take action as soon as possible. Plus, all issues get saved to a single location—no more relying on your memory to keep track of problems!

The field worker's digital assistant

Obzervr supports workflows in open cut and underground mining operations, manufacturing, rail network management, and other remote work scenarios – providing your team with all the information required for the job when they need it on a mobile tablet or phone.

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Configurable workflow management for teams of all sizes

The Obzervr cloud combines work schedules, team communication, and device connectivity into one integrated mobile platform.
Advanced technologies and configurable workflows give you the power to take full control of your field workforce outcomes.
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Discover how Obzervr will transform your operations:

Here at Obzervr, we are focused on optimising the data flow of your business. Our goal is to help you achieve industry-best asset health management through our revolutionary technology.
You will see a decline in preventable break-fix maintenance and an upward trend in preventative and condition-based maintenance.
We give you the ability to measure and monitor all critical signals associated with all site assets in real-time on smart wireless devices. You'll also be able to evaluate and visualise the health of all assets with our advanced analytical dashboards.
The repetitive nature of routine asset and maintenance tasks can be eliminated or automated with ease, giving you more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.
We have developed a system that combines useful insights driven by data on interactive dashboards that can be managed by exception. Plus, we've eliminated paper-based inspections, transactions, and records.
Lastly, we work closely with you to help transform your frontline workers into a team that is a part of the cultural change.

Inspections, asset maintenance, task completion, and data analytics​​. Obzervr reduces the complexity of field operations with one interconnected solution for all your work​​.

The right information, at the right time

Obzervr unifies multiple data inputs onto one platform allowing Engineers and Maintainers to quickly resolve issues, note potential defects, reduce unnecessary wear on components to extend the asset life.

With Obzervr’s embedded real-time analytics your teams will be able to easily understand how time and budget is applied across the operation.

Embedded analytics empowers your teams with insights and information.

Standardised processes equal improved asset health.

Standardising maintenance and inspection processes across teams and individuals reduces unplanned downtime and equipment failures. Consistent processes allow comparison and learning across sites and machines.

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