Compliance Inspections

Compliance audits and inspections simplified.

With more complex industrial technologies in the operating environment, compliance audits and inspections are becoming more time-consuming and complex.

Mine Safety and Inspections Act 1994 (the MSI Act) and Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 define statutory requirements for mining operations. One of the requirements under the legislation is an Electrical Engineering Control Plan (EECP).

If implemented correctly the EECP should cover all the major statutory requirements (electrical) of the Regulation.

Stringent regulation surrounds electrical safety at sites, which includes:


Maintaining logbooks

Recording accidents and hazards

Supervision of work

It also includes permitting and ensuring work procedures are documented and carried out as planned.

As an example, to ensure compliance, superintendents and supervisors need a way to implement and communicate the EECP and confirm that the items in the EECP have been completed. Paper inspections are familiar but have severe disadvantages, which can increase the risk to the operation.

A simple digital tool can offer significant benefits in creating a standard workflow that everyone uses, ensuring mandatory fields are not missed. This type of software also highlights exceptions on the job, thereby reducing operational risk and improving compliance, quality, and completeness of work.

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