Obzervr’s digital compliance management capability reduces accident-related costs through deeper insight into your organisation's compliance performance.
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Have confidence that critical assets are being inspected and maintained

A simple digital tool can offer significant benefits in creating a standard workflow that everyone uses, ensuring mandatory fields are not missed.

Our software highlights exceptions on the job, supporting frontline teams with on-the-spot error correction, reducing operational risk and improving compliance, quality, and completeness of work.

Digitalise Compliance Audits and Inspections for easy traceability

Stringent regulation surrounds compliance and safety at sites.

To ensure your licence to operate is maintained, your site will be required to report on Environment, Safety and Governance compliance.

We digitise your ESG compliance plans into a single online plan that managers can easily access, track and report on.

Simplify compliance work to reduce the load on frontline teams

Build easy to use and learn compliance documents which guide users to complete work simply and without missed information. Include guidelines and definitions based on the machine or area being inspected.

Reduce risk with real-time trend analysis, dashboards and reporting

Ensure your compliance strategies and plans are mapped to work to be done, tracked for actuals, and be aware of when your teams are at risk of non-compliance

Automate the mangement of exceptions to reduce disruption and downtime

Build alerts and triggers into your compliance inspections to automatically identify and alert managers when the teams are non-compliant to ensure you get back on track quickly and with minimal downtime

Obzervr has removed the stress from Compliance Management

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One click Risk and Compliance Reports

Monitoring your compliance with safety, government and corporate standards should be viewed as an opportunity, not a burden.

With so many technological advancements available today, your business should have access to information to ensure that there are no gaps in risk, safety, and statutory compliance reporting across all sites.

Automating the reporting of information allows teams to improve business outcomes.

Drag-and-drop self-service digital smart forms

Using our drag-and-drop self-service configuration, you can set up mandatory checks and inspections, send out alerts when things don’t go to plan, and automatically email out ready-for-review compliance reports to management.

Decrease the risk of being non-compliant with audit trails of what was done, by whom and when.

Create a single source of truth

With more complex industrial technologies in the operating environment, compliance audits and inspections are becoming more time-consuming and complex.

Our solution links your work to current business systems using the latest API technology.

Inspectors have historic information to make decisions at the source, allowing for faster escalation of potential issues.

Following a large landslide at Rio Tinto’s Bingham Canyon mine in Utah, North America –  the largest non-volcanic in history – University of Utah geologist Jeffrey Moore explained:

“The main lesson is that failures like this are not unpredictable ‘acts of God’. With the right monitoring system and proactive approach, the time of failure can be forecasted with reasonable accuracy”
NASA, 2013
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Create a safer, simpler work environment for your frontline team

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