Meet the Team

Obzervr was started in 2014 based on a core belief that there was untold value locked inside the field data of businesses, and as a consequence a promise to deliver a better way to collect, organise, store and analyse that data.

Yet businesses aren’t just great products, they are also its people. So whilst we’re clearly focussed on delivering a solution that has mobile-field-first data collection tools, hyper-connectivity and embedded intelligence; we’re also building a flexible and fun workplace. One where we focus on customer outcomes and encourage team members to turn up everyday with curiosity, creativity and honesty; yet most importantly a get-it-done attitude.

Read a little about us…we look forward to meeting you soon.

Our Operational Team

The team committed to delivering you an unmatchable customer experience.

Tania Walter

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tania started her career as a software developer so she could build ‘really cool stuff’, and at Obzervr that’s exactly what she does. Tania brings her entrepreneurial flair (already successfully exited a Project Implementation consulting business) and empathy for customer problems to not only lead the business but is Head of Product and works wonders with the development team. Tania has a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) and holds Six Sigma, Prince II and other qualifications. She’s resolute about delivering great value to our customers, passionate about data and analytics and a firm believer in achieving anything you put your mind to.

Kellie-Ann Robinson

Chief Operating Officer

Kellie-Ann is the member of the team that is responsible for ‘packaging-up’ what we do at Obzervr, and with her diverse skill set keeps the back-end of the business humming along. With a career reaching across Marketing and Sales as well as Operational management, Kellie is focussed on building new customer relationships and tending existing ones, on-boarding customers and contributes to keeping product releases market-attractive. Kellie-Ann has a Bachelor of Business with majors in HR and Marketing, an Executive MBA and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. She loves to garden, cook and make Kombucha.

Jessica Robins

Customer Onboarding Specialist

Jessica is the newest member of the team at Obzervr, helping our clients learn how to use and gain value throughout the configuration component of the implementation process. A problem solver with a curious mind, Jess loves to read, learn new things and apply her skills through consulting, research and development. Jessica graduated in December 2016 with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) and has studied abroad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA.  She’s passionate about asking good questions, getting feedback and applying a growth mindset.