Take your existing workflow & start using Obzervr today

Using Paper Forms, Excel or some manual process? Take your current process and start automating your field assignments with Obzervr. Simple!

I am using Paper Forms or Excel for Data Capture

Obzervr was designed to resolve the many problems associated with Manual forms of data capture:-

  • Time-consuming
  • Costly
  • Prone to errors
  • needs re-entry to business systems
  • Lacks standardisation
  • Difficult to audit

Obzervr will allow you to do things faster, cheaper and more accurately. But it will also allow you to work smarter. By providing contextual information at your hand no matter where you are, Obzervr allows you to focus on your skills/knowledge rather than administration.

I have Planning & Scheduling Tools

Obzervr allows for fast, low cost integration to existing Enterprise Planning tools removing the burden of creating custom apps for your Field Service teams.

Obzervr provides a mobile extension for your Planning & Scheduling Tools. Now Planners can send out work assignments with the full detail of the task, history, required Health and Safety information and Journey Management information.

Obzervr will take your work tasks and translates the assignment into a contextual workflow for your Field crew based on the type of job. The Field crew can access their assignments on their phone or tablet device. Field crews complete the job using prompts, workflow and visual feedback from the Obzervr App. Once complete the assignment is pushed back to the cloud and sent to your Planning tool.

I have an ERP or other Business Systems

You already have an investment in ERP, Asset Management, Financial & Risk systems. How can you get more value from them? How can you work with smarter data so that you can make better decisions, faster?

The sooner that you can get critical field data into your business systems, the faster you can have access to Reporting and Dashboard views.

Obzervr helps you make faster, smarter decisions. Don't waste time and money with data re-entry

Start working with more accurate, actionable data much faster with the lowest cost of acquisition!

Redefining Field Service Automation

Obzervr has been built ground-up specifically to address the many challenges that Field Service Teams encounter. We believe that Field workers have been living with broken processes for far too long. How are we different?