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Plan, Schedule, Track.

Obzervr’s administration web portal provides customers with the facility to manage user access, configuration, planning and scheduling of field team workloads.

Obzervr provides you with the tools to schedule work orders or trips around your operational program or plans; and then assign them to teams or individuals as per work schedules.

Obzervr can operate as a stand-alone system for work scheduling and is able to integrate with Asset Management or Production ERP’s for seamless efficiency.

Create and manage Teams

Providing you with the ability to create and manage Teams and Users, grant granular Role-based-access-control, and row-level security for reporting and analytics.

Powerful Cloud Connectivity

Built and operating over the Cloud, Obzervr provides HQ the ability to simultaneously create and schedule work orders and trips pushing them to field teams, whilst field teams complete their work pushing updates back to HQ.

Explore the Trip Management and Scheduling Features

Designed to provide you simple, effective planning tools to manage your field workforce.

Admin dashboard to track progress

View all assignments or trips that are assigned and their status of field teams progress via the web portal dashboard. Jobs can be re-assigned, cancelled and deleted.

Create any assignment or job

Using your configured forms, measurements, checklists, sampling suites and equipment register; create assignments for your field teams.

Build trips with a collective of assignments

Use the Obzervr Trip facility to bring together multiple assignments for field trips. Field trips can be anything from 1 day to a month or more.

Map views for route planning

Assignment locations plotted onto in-built map features provides for the project administration to create assignments and then determine best route before assigning and scheduling.

Search and Filter Functions

The search dashboard provides powerful search capabilities to filter and view on the map any assignment created within Obzervr.

Full visibility of all assignments

Obzervr’s administration dashboard provides for a full view of all assignments whether they be unassigned, incomplete/complete, declined or cancelled.

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