Sample with Ease

Streamline sampling paperwork, integrate lab results.


Obzervr’s sampling and laboratory suite of features ensures that the highest levels of quality control for sampling can be maintained.

Obzervr provides features to support pre-trip planning and preparation, guide sampling events once in-field, and streamline the paperwork for relinquishment and meet chain of custody requirements.

Obzervr’s architecture provides for integrations with laboratories to ensure all results flow back into Obzervr removing the need for double-handling and potential errors in manual data transfer.

Track Progress

Obzervr’s administration portal dashboard enables tracking of Trips and work orders whilst in field. Utilise our Analytics and reporting dashboard to track the work completed and results returned from Labs. Highlight exeedences and retesting required.

Audit Trails

Obzervr’s design provides a forensic audit trail that ensures data captured is not able to be tampered with, and system generated data is available around its collection. We have private blockchain between Regulators and Laboratories for customers wanting to take advantage of this new technology.

Explore the Sampling and Laboratories Features

Designed to support and streamline your sampling events

LIMS integration

Obzervr fully integrates into all laboratory system enabling you to seamlessly receive sample results back into the system. Once received, graphs or charts can be created automatically or manually for review.

QC measures enforced

Obzervr can support both pre-trip, trip and post-trip activities related to sampling ensuring that the strictest quality control methods are adhered to. Audit trails on all sampling provides for review should it be required.

Upload laboratory quotes

Obzervr’s laboratory suite Wizard enables you to upload any laboratory quote to make available the sampling regime when building field assignments.

Pre-trip checklists

Checklists for pre-trip sampling preparations can be created and included in assignments to ensure field visits go smoothly. Sampling Equipment, bottles and PPE can all be included.

Streamlined relinquishment and COC

Obzervr’s easy check system means once you’ve taken the samples, you’re two taps away from relinquishing your samples and creating the chain of custody document effortlessly.

One device for all field activities

The Obzervr design allows both observations, sampling and field measures to be captured on one device. No need for notebooks, cameras AND a device.

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