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Structured, accessible, high-quality (comprehensive, accurate and consistent) data is where it’s at to be able to apply business analytics.

Obzervr provides a mobile data collection tool that can be configured for any field-based collection need and ensures accessibility to important information previously locked within excel spreadsheets, paper forms and random notes and photographs.

Obzervr’s mobile application is available to be downloaded from Windows Apple and Google Play Stores for use on any iOS, Microsoft or Android device.


The powerful database design drives the ability to collect data in a way that it is useful and meaningful. Contextual is the new black!


Data collected uses smart technology to synchronise encrypted data to your Azure Cloud tenant ensuring data is secure and available immediately.

Explore the mobile field data collection features

Designed to support the field worker with flexibility and productivity

Build your own forms

Configure your data collection forms and workflows. Obzervr supports mechanical, construction, technical or scientific measurements. Includes pre-start checklists, equipment calibration, monitoring point measures, control limits for real-time feedback on errors.

Tailor for your field workflow

No coding required. Drag-and-drop configuration allows you to tailor your organisational Standard Operating Procedure and workflows in Obzervr. Functionality is available out-of-the-box. Newest features include approvals and conditional workflows to create ‘hold-points’ before commencing with job.

Include sampling regime for field visits

The sampling and laboratories module supports simple to complex sampling regimes. Sampling can be built into workflows alongside measurements and checklists, all on one device.

Works online/offline

Obzervr works online or offline. All data collected is stored on the device until it synchronises successfully with the Cloud. Field teams can work fully autonomously and uninterrupted from network availability.

Any Device - Windows, Android and iOS

Available to download from the Microsoft, Apple or Google Play Store. Obzervr works across any device: desktop computer, tablet and smart phone devices.

Mobile worker dashboard

Each mobile field team or individual has their own dashboard of work orders. Each Trip and work order has a visual feedback on the status of work orders. Our unique end-user designed interface focuses on maximizing efficiency and ease of use.

Capture photos and video

Capture multiple photos, include captions and store on the device before sending to the cloud.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Interface designed by end-users to be easy to learn and use. Utilising concepts like filtering, drop downs, buttons, ‘Facebook’ feed style capture.

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