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Structured, accessible, high-quality (comprehensive, accurate and consistent) data is where it’s at to be able to apply business analytics.

Obzervr provides a mobile data collection tool that can be configured for any field-based collection need and ensures accessibility to important information previously locked within excel spreadsheets, paper forms and random notes and photographs.

Obzervr’s mobile application is available to be downloaded from Windows Store, Apps Store and GooglePlay for use on any iOS, Windows or Android device.


The powerful database design drives the ability to collect data in a way that it is useful and meaningful. Contextual is the new black!


Data collected syncs to your exclusive Cloud tenant ensuring data is available immediately.

Explore the mobile field data collection features

Designed to support the field worker with flexibility and productivity

Build your own forms

Configure any data collection form. Obzervr supports technical or scientific measurements; and checklists or tasks.

Tailor for your field workflow

No customisations are required to tailor your workflows in Obzervr, the fullest functionality is available out of the ‘box’.

Include sampling regime for field visits

The sampling and laboratories module supports simple to complex sampling regimes. Sampling can be built into workflows alongside measurements and checklists, all on one device.

Works online/offline

Obzervr works online or offline. All assignments and data collected in field is stored on the device until it syncs successfully. Field workers can work uninterrupted from network instability.

Any Device - Windows, Android and iOS

Available to download from the Windows Store, App Store or Google Play, Obzervr works across computer, tablet and smart phone devices.

Mobile worker dashboard

Each mobile field worker has their own assignment list in scheduled chronological order. Each assignment has a % complete wheel to track progress.

Capture photos and video

Capture multiple photos and caption, record videos and store.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

User interface designed to be easy to navigate, crisp and clean.

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