See the entire business picture

Collect and build knowledge on your assets

Inspect and Assess

A key feature of the Obzervr solution is the ability to create an asset fingerprint for predictable maintenance, which includes tracking serialised rotable components, uploading BOM’s, request / issue of spare parts and more.

As inspections take place, data gathered on each asset augments information already held by your CMMS, EAM or other systems providing rich and contextual information to see the full picture of your assets.

With the full picture, you have the data to deliver more predictable asset life-cycle maintenance, informed capital investment and depreciation schedules with ease.

Asset Management and Maintenance System Integration

Obzervr integrates with your CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems to simplify and standardise information captured. Our Capture app is used by your operational field teams and your consultants to ensure each inspection contributes to a holistic view of your assets.

Reflect your Reference Location data

Obzervr can mimic the GIS reference location and asset hierarchies already determined by your EAM systems. All your data is available in real-time user-friendly dashboards on your desktop, smartphone and tablet device.

Explore the Asset Management capability

Designed to deliver a full picture of your assets

Wizards upload

Batch upload wizards enable fast and easy upload of extensive Asset databases for faster mobilisation.

Link and track

Link components to functional locations for tracking and warranty management.

Unique attributes

Associate machine or location specific attributes to provide a seamless experience for your field teams. Configurable fields include GPS coordinates, RFID, Emergency Channels to allow safer and faster field work.

Full inspection on one device

Combine safety pre-starts, checklists, machine defect inspections and post-inspection activities into one seamless workflow on the mobile app. Photo’s, signature, QR codes can all be added to the workflow as applicable and attached to the inspection record.

Series data

Obzervr supports the process of collecting data against assets that has multiple instances within one inspection but the number can’t be known beforehand and flexibility is required. This is useful when performing machine defect assessment and you have one or more defects to capture, or recording vibration ranges in a fixed time range.

Equipment calibration

Obzervr is one of the only field tools to assist field workers calibrate equipment and record it as contextual information for discovery. Each calibration automatically creates calibration certificates that can be viewed from field.

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