Digitalisation of Manual Processes

If you are currently using a manual process (paper, excel, email are just some examples) to capture critical field data, this is why you might want to consider a different approach.

1. Let’s start with the element of TIME. More than likely you will be working on multiple sites in a day or a week and these locations are going to be some distance from your Head Office. Whether you have to return to Head Office personally, mail them back or capture on a USB that needs to be returned it will cost you TIME. It is not uncommon for the data captured in the Field to be usable on Business Systems a week or two later.

2. Clearly, there is a delay in physically getting manual data captured back to Head Office. But there is an additional delay – TRANSCRIBING captured information so it can be used within your core Business Applications. Someone has to re-enter that information whether yourself or an Administrator.

3. Transcribing data is notorious for impacting ACCURACY of data capture. How easy is it to mis-read or mis-type a number or a letter. ACCURACY is an issue not only in transcribing but actually at point of collection. It is very easy to enter an incorrect measurement in the absence of alerting/thresholds.

4. Whether you are transcribing yourself or have an administrator do this, there is a COST involved. Only you can do the math of what this cost is to your business but even at conservative estimates it will be significant enough to look at alternatives.

5. Why would you want ‘knowledge workers’ to spend time on administration? Data has to be collected, but if you streamline the process a Field Worker, say a Hydrologist, can focus on their expertise in interpreting data at source. Make it super easy for them to collect data quickly and error free. It will help reduce frustrations and help retention of key staff.

6. The thing with paper forms or Excel is that they just can’t give you any contextual workflow. There will be no history or relevant information for the site you are visiting….unless you are prepared to carry files and files of paper..

7. Your work and your business does not exist in isolation. That data collected in the field maybe by a 3rd party consulting organisation. If it is environmental sampling, you will be involving the services of a laboratory. Once analysed that report will find its way to a Regulator. It is a connected world where data touches many points. Using a manual process in a digitally connected world makes little sense

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