The most effective way to manage Condition Assessments

Are you using a variety of manual processes for infrastructure assessment? Pen and Paper? Excel? Photos and Videos?
Do you need to make your Condition Monitoring much simpler, more efficient, and more accurate without changing your current workflow?
Obzervr provides an elegant way to capture Infrastructure Condition data following the latest BAPF and IPWEA-NAMS Practice Note guidelines. All your historical and contextual information to hand using your Mobile Device (Tablet, Smartphone)

What can I do with Obzervr?

Obzervr will allow you to streamline your Condition Assessment data collection. Capture Condition Assessment data faster, more accurately and upload direct to your Asset Management, Financial & Risk systems

How can I use Obzervr?

Obzervr is incredibly flexible and can be used across your Field Teams. Condition Assessment use cases include
Building and Housing; Pavements & Paths Network; Highways & Roads; Traffic Signs & Controls; Drainage, Parks, Depots