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You know what they say? Culture eats Strategy for breakfast and we couldn’t agree more. At Obzervr, our focus is on growing a great team and culture so we can grow a great business.

As we’re a SaaS start-up, you get to join a small team of very enthusiastic, talented and driven individuals. Your single digit employee number gets you in at the ground floor where whether you work in development, support, sales and marketing or administration – your ideas and energy will build this business on a daily basis.

So if you’re keen to join a business going places, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Full Stack Developer

We’re a software company our core competency is Subscription-based SaaS + Mobile Workforce Automation. We’re currently looking for an experienced, quality Full Stack Web and (Optional) Xamarin  Developer who is / wants to become a SaaS, APIs, Multitenancy, Xamarin, React wizard in sunny Brisbane.

Our existing SaaS platform needs to be expanded to support Full Self-Service, Public APIs, Embedded Power BI and extensible integration capabilities. You’d join our development team, have a single digit employee number and be at the forefront of technical decisions as the company grows. Our services are hosted in Azure without a virtual machine in sight and we’re constantly taking advantage of any features that make our developers more productive.

At Obzervr the people ARE the company. We are not a recruiter.

Will consider Contract and Full-time positions. Will consider all Australian cities.

Required Skills : Deep problem solving, Creative solutioning. ‘Fear No Technology’, ‘Get it Done’ Attitude

Desired Tech Stack Experience : ASP.NET Web API, Angular, CSS, Kendo UI, REST, C#, ORMs, Autofac, T-SQL

Favourable Experience : Microsoft Azure PaaS (App Services, Azure SQL), Xamarin, Power BI, Ethereum, React, React Native

Send LinkedIn URLs (or Resumes / CVs) + Tell us why we should hire you to [email protected]

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