Field to HQ Business Intelligence

Connected. Embedded. Smart.

Put your finger on the pulse of the business

Obzervr’s embedded business intelligence reporting and analytics capability gives you the power to innovate.

Connected for real-time decisions

Data collected in field is available within minutes at HQ.

Share insights with ease

Powerful visualisations that can be shared on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Simple to Complex Analysis

Microsoft PowerBI delivers a powerful, easy-to-use tool for any analysis and reporting.

Tailored Business Intelligence

Create individual reports and dashboards to share with key stakeholders.

Value for Money

Obzervr business analytics is offers as an affordable monthly subscription.

Accessible platform

A cloud-hosted platform to analyse, report and share your data.

Supported by knowledge and expertise

With every implementation, Obzervr offers the knowledgable, experienced professionals who can help you navigate your analytics needs.

Delivered by our team of Data Scientists

The Obzervr Data Science team work closely with the configuration team to design and build your business intelligence platform. Typically they are curious scientists, mathematicians and IT professionals who are passionate about uncovering insight.

Designed with the end in mind

Working from the analysis backwards, all configuration of the field collection considers the outputs you need. Your analytics are then strategic and smart.

Commercial Grade Business Analytics Products

With Obzervr you get access to high-quality commercial grade analytics products as a standard. Microsoft Power BI and the Cortana Intelligence Suite provide unrivalled levels of power to drive your analytics.

Talk to us today about how we might assist you with business analytics.