Obzervr is the leading Field Services Management solution that empowers the Mobile Worker

“Using Obzervr’s flexible Field Service solution, we have in a very short time enabled our customers' Field crews to streamline their workflow, automate paper intensive processes and reduced the risk of inaccurate data entering their corporate database"

Obzervr is an intuitive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud-based Field Service Automation suite of solutions. We enable customers to streamline their critical Field data collection. Our suite includes the Mobile application, a Web portal for Scheduling and Administration, and a Business Intelligence tool for data visualisation. The Web portal is a drag-and-drop editor for Flexible and Adaptable Self-service workflow management removing the need for expensive Professional services.

We help organisations achieve Field Service Automation and streamline processes that involve mobile workers. By using Obzervr, workers can do their jobs faster and more accurately by enabling them to: work offline and online; work with case-based reasoning; and connect them to their supply chain.

With a rapidly changing workforce, process automation is critical to maintaining service continuity and keeping cost of operations down. Digitising the Data management process means less training for new resources, less reliance on specific resources, greater information sharing, and greater visibility of information across the value chain. Field crews need to work smarter to add value, deliver insights and enable cost saving to the organisation. Organisations needs to align current processes with digital automation to retain a workforce used to using technology for everything from ordering coffee to submitting annual tax return.

We need to:- Do more with less, Win more business by reducing cost and adding value, Differentiate from our competitors, Retain critical skill. These are questions asked by C-Suite Execs. Innovation can help in many of these cases. Quick wins for making productivity improvements through technology are possible. Operators can look to the latest in Field Service Automation to enhance their field operations. By integrating a Field Service platform with Business Systems, Organisations are able to make decisions faster with more accurate auditable data whilst reducing cost of data acquisition.